Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today Is Thursday And I'm A Free Man!

Didn't realise the picture was so dark, i'm lazy to take another one already laaah.
ANYWAYS! MY BK TEST IS DONE! And i don't think i did well lah. So yeah, finally it's HAPPY HOLIDAYS for me! :D umm wait nope, i'm gonna have a 3days job at jaya33 cos i'll be helping my mom's friend from 10am-8pm on friday-sunday. Find me! I've no idea what i'm gonna work as seriously. Hopefully it's not something like vietnam kitchen and God, let me enjoy it please. Amen!

Ma lil' cuzzies was at my home, hommies!
I'm just hyped up cos my exams are all done. woots~
See you at jaya33!
*vanwasere. (: i love my baby drums.

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