Saturday, November 8, 2008

Living Out Ur Destiny!

Before LOUD.

LOUD concert was during everyone's exam period. I still wonder how come so many people turned out for this concert? I'm sure its just how God make things happen.

1441 homosapiens attended this concert. It was beyond what we expected.

How did God worked in my life during this period of time? I was having exams and having LOUD practices for dance and stomp for really long hours. We had hardcore practices and we can reach till 3-4 hours for one session at times. and really hardcore practices just before LOUD. from morning till midnight. It was really tiring for all of us. and yet God being so awesome made time for me so that i can study for my exams and practise hard for LOUD too.

LOUD! LOUD! LOUD! It was awesome. Just way too awesome. But i still don't have any pictures after 2 weeks. Guess i won't be having any till i get it from carrie. I'm just dumbfound after this concert cos everything was too good. Seriously, for those who missed it, make sure you come next year so that you won't miss out the awesomeness of life. It's definitely gonna be better than this year.

Me with dirty make up on. 7-steps dance crew ya'll.

Don't miss it next year. Be there and be SQUARED. Cos it's gonna be LOUDLY AWESOME!

*van was ere. (:

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