Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finally out of Hell's Kitchen!

Us fooling around with our ugly uniform.

It was the best day out of the 3 days of work for me because our manager wasnt around. Heard tons of things bout her but am not gonna blog it out cos she might prolly call ISA to catch me or something. Whatever it is, I'm just glad that i called the manager yesterday and officially told her that i quit the job. 3days and i can't take it anymore. Hey, i'm not choosy or whatever, try working in vietnam kitchen and you'll get what i mean. I don't mind working till i'm tired like a dead pig but just being pushed around too much for no reason. I'm still a human. If i did a mistake and get scolding, I'll definitely accept it. But if i get scolding for no reason, that's another story and you're the one in wrong not me.

Justice. I'm pretty sure that this word does not exist in Vietnam Kitchen, everyone working in the restaurant feels the same way. That's why i stepped out of that place feeling that i shouldn't complain bout life. Just this one particular person could give hell to someone, to all the workers working there. I feel sorry for em and yet i cant do anything.

Since it was our last day working, we decided to treat ourselves with a meal there although it costs quite a bit.

Yummy yummy yummy fooood!

Pei Wen. She's the Da Jie that really took care of us throughout these few days. She's really awesome! And guess what? We didn't expect her to pay for our meal and she didn't want to take our money. A blessing indeed! Now we're finding a way to repay her back. Any suggestion for a nice present to give to her? (:

Ah Tek. Nepal dude that taught YuJie some bad word. haha he's really nice to talk to.
Elly. always with a smile. like this :D She's the most patient of em all. Victor. the dude who's gonna quit soon, right victor? (: Babu. Mr Bartender.
Gokarna. American dude? :p His face says," I'm not a terrorist!" He's a good man.

once again, Elly!

i've been really close with these few through these few days. As you all can see i don't enjoy working here. The workers there are awesome except for that particular someone that everyone dislikes. I really hope you change to be someone who's not a two faced. You won champion for the biggest two faced person on earth. Congrats. I've never met someone like you before.

*van was ere. and glad that he has no more business with Hell's kitchen. (:

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