Wednesday, November 28, 2007

nov 28th. :D

i'm thinking wat should i write. only did a few things the whole day. eat sleep comp drums teach drums. oh yeah then i went to aaron's hse! to eat his famous yummy cabonara. then went and bought some stuff n all. after bout 12 walked back with my bro to my hse. guess wat? we got locked outside. my dad was asleep n wouldnt wake up. my mom is in cambodia. haha so i went back to aaron's hse to sleep. so here i am, back at home blogging. with no pics.. hahaha. i miss all my friends. gonna teach drums n go church jamming. i dont wanna stone at home anymore ! lalalalalala. byeee. (:

*cheers. (:

nov 24th-nov 27th. WHATEVER IS... CAMP!

"Finally, brothers,
Whatever is TRUE,
Whatever is NOBLE,
Whatever is RIGHT,
Whatever is PURE,
Whatever is LOVELY,
Whatever is ADMIRABLE,
If anything is Excellent or Praiseworthy-
THINK about such things. "
Philippians 4:8
Whatever is... camp was AWESOME! it's like everyone had so much fun and all. church camps gets more fun every year. seriously. next week and i'm like going for my youth camp d. so fast. it's called LIFE AT THE CUTTING EDGE. and i know it's gonna be better every single time.
overall as i said it was awesome awesome and awesome! God really helped us through this camp. without Him nothing can be done really. everything went smoothly. although had a lil sleep and fell sick. God gave me strength to be the leader for my team some more. actually i was like cham lor, why choose me as the leader leader for the group. but in the end it was really a good thing cos i know God helped me through all the 4 days ! :D
anyways i'll blog bout it more when i have all the pictures for camp. got approximately 1k of pics. but i'll choose the nice ones lah. that means the ones with me. haha joking. kay lah thats all for now.
*cheers. (:

Friday, November 23, 2007

nov 23rd.

i finally muffled up my bass drums and it sounds awesome. :D to me lah. haha. teaching 2 students now. not bad eh? haha i'm still looking for students. purpose of teaching drums is cos i wanna pay for my own drums lessons. probably start next year. so yeah dont wanna waste mommy's money n all. so why not i can use my own earned money to learn. planning to improve my drumming.

so peeps. u won't see me online for 4days cos i'm going to std6 camp to help out. it's a puberty camp! :D am gonna have an awesome time there. so pray for me and everyone there. for those having holidays, don't waste your time. go learn some music instrument or dance or something. just don't stare at the comp all day long aight?
*cheers. (:

Thursday, November 22, 2007


hey peeps who's readin my blog. i'm looking for students who wanna learn drums. from me. :D and since music school is charging at an exp price for drums lessons. i decided to teach at a reasonable price. contact me for more information bout it. or call my hp. thanks. (:

nov 21st. kaseng's bday.

finally a post bout kaseng's bday. nov21st. went to office to lepak there with andrew(not paul), then went to italiannesse to celebrate kaseng's bday. (: i'll let the pictures do the talking.
those two can't get enough of each other.
i've known him for quite a number of years cos we were primary school mates. so yeah, he's a cool and lala guy. :p i used to be taller than him. hahaha now he's way taller than me. booohooo.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

my nov 19th 2007.

work was normal. some malaysian football player known as jackass came in the office with his cocky look askin for nike stuff... AGAIN. just cos he scored one freaking goal to get msia qualified thats why he thinks he's so famous n all. anyways, found some box writing prime minister's son-in-law's nike products labeled as "pm b*tch". someone in the workplace wrote it lah. so funny. haha. u should see the box then u'll know wat i'm saying.

enough of work. went to tony roma's after work. i spent. rm0. (: sam's so called bday lah. some pics ere.
this apek's bday. lols he's my goodfren.our pretty pretty waitress. charmaine.
meet kawan baikku, andrew paul. shawna, yilin*pfffft*, ying.

some crazy girl. lols.

nov 20th. sick.

i think i love sick lah..... with tv stars! lols. okay let's check em out. starring miley cyrus and victoria justice. random post. but i'm really sick now also lah now. haha.
meet miley cyrus. my future girlfriend. X)this is victoria justice from zoey 101. panas panas!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Nov 19th.

i'll blog bout today, tomorrow.

*cheers. (:

Sunday, November 18, 2007

nov 18th. drumming days.

u're so fine,
u're so fine,
u blow mind,

i don't know why,
u make me wanna fly,
into the sky,
and make me dump my girlfriend called khye!

inspired by HEY BITTY by someone.
ivan being really random.

i practically spent the whole day in church DRUMMING today. cos camp is coming sooooo sooooon! :D we practised from like 3 till bout 9. n rested for only like 15mins. no joke. my hands are swollen now. even have one blister on my right hand now.
bengkak-ish hands.

went to maybank mamak to eat with purdy, jared n my bro. n now i'm home. home sweet home. admired my new cymbal. thought of getting new hi-hats now. cash is all i need. not want. i need it. lols. peace out.
beloved sabian. (: jangan togel ya. limited edition stickers.

*cheers. (:

Saturday, November 17, 2007

november 17.

lalalalala. pretty awesome and tiring day for me. early in the morning got my new cymbals! sabian b8 medium crash. :D went to church. was waiting outside the cafeteria for meeting to start. saw a couple getting married. *10 more years ivan, 10 more.* then went for meeting to attend lessons bout puberty for std6 camp. was super funny. haha.

came out of the meeting half way for drums practice. had ZC! yay! played drums for youth. was a special day cos it was like some prize giving and appreciation day. i got juwita's new album for bringing the most friends for fcs. i didn't expect that coming.

after celebration got scolding by my bro cos of something. haha. then we went BIG GIANT outside to eat. goreng usa for dinner. then went to giant to bought junk food and some drinks to go to likxiang's house to eat supper there.

reached likxiang's house. let me see.. hmmm. likxiang, jiayi, sophia, andrea, liangzhi, zhiyu, zhiwei, grace, my bro and me were there. eat eat drank drank. suddenly, i fell asleep for one hour in the middle of everyone for like one hour. that was how tired i was. woke up and went home.

went giant.

at likxiang's

college ppl gotta study. lala me!likxiang n zhiyu. andrea n grace.king liang zhi n soppie. ini zhiwei. wats with that look ivan.

basically i spent my whole day out i came back at night n slept again. i love my sabian. gonna muffle my drums now and go for drums practice later. chaoooo peeps.

*cheers (:

Friday, November 16, 2007

home sweet home.

jangan togel ya.
i just got back from eating nasi lemak in 223 n my bro's fren just told me i gotta have more pics in my blog. i wished my hp never spoiled so i can load this blog with more pics instead of words. iish.
the 5 pieces of thing i had for lunch. looks gross tastes good.
didn't go work today. stayed at home the whole day. had some alone time with myself. arm stil a lil painful. lets go to lunch. i ate 5 pieces of something. like pizza one. n few pieces of muffin. did my homework. gahh i'm being lifeless. cleaned up my drums n wanted to tune it. but dang. i think i left my drum key in church. ):

beloved drums. (:

let's skip to football. i haven't been scoring goals for like so long d. today finally. i came. i striked. i scored. :D was so happy weih. bla bla bla went add maths tuition. went with bro, sophia and liang zhi to mum mum. then back ere. haven't stayed at home for quite awhile.

limited edition nike invisble woman. saw it in workplace ytd. so cool!

sabian sabian sabian!
yeah can't wait to get it early in the morning. am buying it from andrew cos he has too many cymbals. at a very reasonable price. so yeah gotta sleep now. tmr early morning gotta go church for meeting n play drums. then will be back at night. peace out.

*cheers. (:

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another day in nike headquarters.

today is a bad day for me. my whole left arm is injured now and i doubt i can go to work tmr cos we're gonna like carry tons of stocks tmr. guess i over worked my whole arms too much today. dang. it sucks.

anyways work. today went to FAM. stupid place. went to gave them national team jerseys n stuff. and we ate the best char kuey teow in town! just in front of FAM. forgot wats the name lah. ate with wan, andrew and andrew paul. then andrew started telling us those times in tmn sea. like almost 10 years ago. telling us the history of..... BACKFIELD ! tons of stupid stuff happened there. like first week of school he saw someone chasing a guy all bleeding with a parang. n ppl fight till someone's hse' wall fell down. stupid stuff like that. haha.

went back to work and saw ex national team coach. zainal abidin. he smokes. geez. and nike gave him like 10 pairs of shoes. at least worth 4k d weih. n heck loads of other stuff. other than that my tai ko siva n my boss raymond went to penang to meet nicole david to sponsor her. but according somebody. not saying name. said nicole's dad talk alot of cock thats why very hard to get her sponsored. siva brought like at least 6-7k worth of nike products to give her. iish. so just rob him n u'll be rich d.

nothing much went home. then went to church for jamming session. first jamming session. didnt go that well. but whatever it is we wanna thank God for everything. and now here i am. most probably not going work tmr so i can rest. yay. that's all for today. toodles.

*cheers. (:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sooooo i think i'm superman. oh WAIT! i am superman. :D

woke up at 8.15 today. washed up and waited for andrew. while waiting for him, i watched wonder pets on nickelodeon. a squirrel, a tortoise n a duck. liny tuck n ming ming. all i remembered is they saved a flamingo from the mud n wanted to be like me. superman. haha but they called themselves wonderpets lah. n the stupid duck can't pronounce r from w. it's likethe phrase lets jump over the river. instead it'll say lets jump over the wiver. all the small kids watch d then learn from it. then next time will have problem pronouncing r from w lah. stupid.
went to work. lets see wat happened today. oh yeah. ean from hitz tv and azura, last time from disney buzz came into the office n took nike stuffs. ean was the friendly one. he was like wassup? *doing the ROCK ON sign with his hands to me* then i was like hey. azura just stared at me. i didnt bother to say hi to her also. lols so anti social lah me. hahaha.

later i followed some dude name adrian to go to puchong n menara axis to set up mannequins. talked crap with him so much. then after tat i asked him how old is he. he asked me to guess. i was like umm 36? he was like wth how u know someone told u? i was like no. seriously no. then he asked me to write my birthdate down. i wrote 310192. then he said he wanted to buy 4d or something using that number cos i simply guessed his age right. so if he really got the number, i'll take half of the money he gets. :D told me story bout last time n all. he said the phrase drugs sex n rocknroll is the life now or something like that. last time wasnt like this. it was graffiti, art n rocknroll. he told me he even did some graffiti when he was form 1 at tmn sea school back then. graffiti on walls isnt a bad thing. it's art. only vandalisme is bad. that's wat he taught me.

after work went to ming tien to eat dinner with jeh and my family and other peeps. jeh is some cool guy who is a taiwanese but lives in america. he and his business partner opened the shop JUICEWORKS. so he's like the boss lah. and he does other business n all. so long never see him d. he got daughter d some more. i'm so gonna marry in 10 years time. lols.

n now here i am blogging. is my post boring? i guess it's just bout my life lah. at least i don't blog crap stuff out. if u think its boring n not worth reading. don't read lor. hehe. hmm i guess that's wats a blog for. it's like your online diary. so don't blog for the sake of blogging. goodnight peeps. time for miami ink!

wants a pair of any limited edition

nike sb like this .....

*cheers. (:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Went to work without working .

today is november 13th. boohoo who doesn't knows it.
today. nike's office. guess what i did? basically nothing. it isn't a good thing cos i felt real bored. well, i sacrificed for andrew paul so that he can go to kl n set up few mannequins in fitness first. so i was all alone in the office. so i waited for the other andrew. damn we have loads of andrews in the office. i waited for him for lik almost one n a half hours. played foos by myself in the pantry for lik half an hour. then bla bla he finally came.

mannequin wearing nike pro, gay outfit. :p

brought me to tmn tun to eat banana leaf. n then some charity fund raising ppl came. for spastic childrens. then we din bother. n he told me story bout spastic childrens behind his hse. the one at tmn megah. they do dirty business n the boss got murdered 2years ago n all. he told me he even went to the hse n sweared like crazy when they had a meeting cos everyone was parking in front of their hses. to cut the whole story short. he hates that spastic childrens hse. not that he doesnt pity em jus tat they do loads of stuff which is not really pleasant.
went back there n surfed the web for bout an hour. some msian footballers and their wife came. they were so demanding. andrew(not paul) was lik that stupid demanding f-ed up b***h.
went to andrew's hse. screw him. i love his drums. he got like 6 cymbals which costs thousands all together. he bought 2 new k custom cymbals! wth. i was like when are u gonna give this drums to me.

thats bout my day lah. went to work without working. jus relax aje. at least i didn't waste my time at home stoning. (:

*cheers. (:

Monday, November 12, 2007


well, i'm working in nike's office for this holidays. so yeah, it has been my second week working ere. and it's a pretty awesome place to work in. why? cos nike's office has pretty cool people like meeee. :D haha no laah the people i work with are really cool. got our tai ko siva, then his right hand men Wan which we help him most of the time and andrew(not andrew paul) which swears like every sentence. he's the sneaker head and he's the really cool one who teaches us bout street culture and limited edition stuffs. check and one more girl allison. we don't really see her cos she always travels overseas to do some nike business stuff. that bout it.

i'll talk bout my day now. today we had deepavali celebration. nice food n all. n working people wearing nike pro, the gay outfit according to siva, and sarung and they danced and danced. was really funny weih. after tat the best one won nike merchandise. loads of cool stuff.

we did boring stuff the whole day. stocks counting. blahhhh. i fell asleep also. oh yeah fyi i'm working with andrew paul now. n yeah we normally criticise each other to take our boredom away. immature us. lols. pictures will come soon. hopefully. time for sleep now. nights!

*cheers (: