Monday, December 1, 2008

3 Days With Eubos. Who? Yeah, Eubos i said.

Let me hear you say, " EUBOS!"

It was FRIDAY!
i woke up with the most random thing happened to me early in the morning. After shower, i wiped myself and i saw one side of my contact lens sticking on the wall. Seriously, I've got no idea how it got onto the wall.

After getting ready, mommy fetched me to jaya33 for work. I had no idea what was i working as. The first thing i saw was a big HUMMER. Awesome man. I'm so gonna get one when i become rich next time. :D
Hummer! Vrooom vroooommm vrooooommmmm.Look at those pretty wheels.

Found out what i was doing, it was rather simple. A promoter for EUBOS. For all of you who don't know what's EUBOS, it's a brand which sells lotion and stuff like that. Didn't know that many of my friends are using this brand though.
And there came SATURDAY! Why? Cos God put it that way.
Was fascinated by a stand selling foot long hot dogs for only RM3.50! And that was really cheap. So i decided to wait till 3pm till i eat my next meal cos i had a rather late and heavy breakie. But when i ordered my hot dog, there was only the bread, mustard, sausage and tomato. blaaaah.

Looooooooooooooongest! Hot Dog lah.


After work, dreaded to follow parents for dinner. But thank God saw Stephy and Lydia che still in church. Had dinner with em and a few more other peeps at Wai Sek Kai.

And after Saturday came SUNDAY! because Sunday always comes after Saturday! go me!
It was a rather lazy day for me but we had more sales than the two other days. Went to church early in the morning cos no one wants to fetch me later. Followed parents to church. Helped out at the XYZ camp register stand, and headed to Jaya33 after that. I was reading my Modern Drummer magazine for almost the whole day. And of course, there was a pretty girl at another stand. :D she looks exactly like Lydia from the back. So pretttttyy. But she's definitely old enough. ):

And i found something random. *points below*

Something boys will never experience. Cottage-Cheese-Like/Watery. yeaaaah.hmm..?

I think i grew fatter throughout these 3 days. The lady who worked with me kept on buying food for me and she knows i'm a real lazy boy, so she kept on asking me to sit down or just walk around before i get too bored. Have no idea why she treats me so good. Overall, i enjoyed this job 100times more than Vietnam Kitchen. And the girl is so pretty. :D I think she works at Jaya33 flower shop. wooots!

*vanwasere. (:

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tser said...

is that hand cream on the hot dog? :D