Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jason Castro.

God, I am second.

Watch more "I Am Second" clips. It might just change your life. (:

*vanwasere. (:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Despair?

Margin Comes From Managing Your Time
by Rick Warren
In our Devotionals series, Pastor Rick Warren discusses the Bible passages that inspire him the most. Today's Devotional is based on this passage:

"Then Jesus said, 'Let's get away from the crowds for a while and rest.' There were so many people coming and going that Jesus and His apostles didn't even have time to eat" (Mark 6:31 NLT).

Jesus experienced enormous stress and pressure, yet it didn't seem to disturb His peace of mind. In spite of opposition, constant demands, and little privacy, His life reflected a calm sense of balance.

What was His secret?

1. Identification: Know who you are (John 8:12). Eighteen times Jesus publicly defined Himself. There was no doubt in His mind as to who He was. If you are unsure of your identity, you'll allow others to pressure you into their molds. Trying to be someone you're not causes stress!

2. Dedication: Know who you want to please (John 5:30). You can't please everyone. Even God can't! Just about the time you get "Crowd A" happy, "Crowd B" will be upset with you. Jesus never let the fear of rejection manipulate Him. No one can pressure you without your permission.

3. Organization: Set clear goals (John 8:14). Jesus said, "I know where I came from and where I am going." Preparation prevents pressure but procrastination produces it. You work by either priorities or pressures.

4. Concentration: Focus on one thing at a time (Luke 4:42-44). You can't chase two rabbits at the same time! Jesus knew how to handle interruptions without being distracted from His primary goal.

5. Delegation: Don't try to do everything yourself (Mark 3:14). We get tense when we feel it all depends on us. Jesus enlisted twelve disciples. Don't allow the fear that others may not do as good a job as you, or that they may do a better job than you, to keep you from asking for help.

6. Meditation: Make a habit of prayer (Mark 1:35). No matter how busy Jesus got, He found time to get alone to pray every day. A daily quiet time is a great stress decompression chamber. Use this time to talk to God about your pressures and problems, evaluate your priorities, and discover the rules for successful living by reading the Bible.

7. Relaxation: Take time to enjoy life (Mark 6:30-31). Balance is the key to stress management. Work must be balanced with fun and worship.

I claim all of this words so that i can live my life well. Amen! :D

*vanwasere. (:

Matthew 11:28-30
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

Friday, April 24, 2009

Only God Can Save Me, Again.

Really stressed out by exams as this is the first time I've not done preparations compared to my form 4 tests. Guess I've gotta learn it the hard way. Sighs. Let this be a lesson learnt for me. Do pray for me.

Mark 8:36 (NIV)
What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?

To God, I cant do this on my own.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kematian Seekor Burung Gagak. :D

Oh yes, watch watch watch! We had our interclass malay drama competition last friday and credits to Hadi for making this video.

van: " Aku politician tau? YEAAAAH! "

*vanwasere. (:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Killed Someone.


It was just now, when i was driving, my very first lesson with Mr Ng. So he was instructing me, well he wasn't that nice lah but oh well i've gotta bare with him for another 10hours?

Anyways that not the point. There were 2 pigeons at one point and I KILLED A FREAKING PIGEON. I named it Bobby cos it's a stupid bird. I was driving slow, so i thought the bird would fly away. But noooo i was wrong the bird stood there and i rolled over it. Mr Ng, " see you drive so fast now u kill the little bird already. " I was like *dots* I drove like bout 20km/h only i think?

When i got back i picked up my phone and called Sarah Lee cos i had this conversation with her bout pigeons not having ears. It was a random fact that i told her quite some time ago and i guess it's proven now. :p
Bout half an hour after i got back from driving, Sam called, " Huiying's mom coming to pick you up from your house in 20mins time. " Lol this jakun didnt even tell me before hand. But it was worth it cos Huiying's parents brought us out for dinner at a restaurant near Sam's house and he was like telling us bout how thankful he is to God when there's good food. Went for chem at night in Pn Lee's house. Guess i'm only gonna join after mid terms.
Got home, told my parents bout the whole pigeon thing, they told me to repent. Enough said.


Skipped school for a last minute thing called Bola baling. The objective of the game: use your hands to score a goal. It's a rough game lah cos everyone kinda push and pull and fight and take out parangs all just to score a goal.
These are the cuts i got on Good Friday after bola baling training. We played in mud and every single one of us were covered with mud from head to toe. It was really fun. :D

Mommy, " Why play until like that one?"
Me, " Cos I'm a boy. "
I got sunburnt. My skin colour is not really proportional now cos my body's like super fair. ish.
Just got up from my sleep after a tiring day. I didnt even get into the court cos the form 4's were playing and Sam, Amarul, Woon, Charapa and I were the cheerleaders. Even told em to bring pom poms tomorrow so that our school team will win, hopefully.
So, I need to start studying. Dang it.
*vanwasere. (:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Battle Of The Geeks & Paramore!

I can do this equation in 90 seconds.

Today's Tuesday and I went to school, just for awhile.
Why? Cos I went to sunway college for the " Battle Of The Geeks", in my words of course. It's sunway college a level maths and logic competition 2009. I was kinda chosen to represent the school with 3 other peeps, Ivory who's my teammate and Renesh together with Danielle. Guess we're the geeks of the school? I'm the not so smart one compared to them and teacher chose me cos i don't know why and I was quite flattered laah. (:

How did i do for the thingy? I failed miserably i guess? There was 2 rounds and for the first round i only answered 5 questions out of 25 and it was objective questions. You get 2 marks for each correct answer and a deduction of 1 mark if answered wrong. Then it was time for round 2 and i was teamed up with Ivory. We did pretty, okay? It was definitely a challenge against time cos we only have like 90 secs - 120 secs depending on the questions to answer it. We got like 3 right answers out of 15. Congrats to Catholic high school who got champion and a full scholarship in A level. Oh oh! It was proven today that more guys are better, in terms of maths. There were 18prizes given out to the the top 18 scorers due to the ties among few contestants and out of 18 peeps only one of em is a girl. The worse thing bout this competition, it wasn't the anxiety i was feeling cos i know i'm like the odd one out compared to the rest, but it was the coldness of the hall. Freaking cold that I wanted to pee everytime i go in. Gee.

Pictures is all in the Samsung Omnia and I don't have the cable so I can't upload it. Fell asleep right when i stepped into Pn Teh's car. Only woke up when Danielle nudged me cos we've already reached school.

I'm A Geek Inside, But A Cool Guy On The Outside. :D
Who are these people who calls themselves " Secret Lover"..?

I was eager to head home, no not to study, but to watch Paramore's live concert, The Final Riot! Andrew gave me in the morning cos he said The Intro my band made(huh what band? not telling you all. :p ) sounds similar to it. It doesn't sound like it at all lah. I'm really into their music, their kinda similar to Anberlin to me, maybe cos both drummers use TRUTH drums which sounds really really dope! Their music has alot of meaning in it and i was just reading Wikipedia on how they named their album and how they got their name. Paramore which means Secret Lover in Latin i think? And their music is definitely for the Almighty God that I worship too. (: Zac Farro, with Truth drums and Meinl cymbals.

The hottest rocker chick ever, Hayley Williams. My band is currently looking for a Hayley Williams with great attitude and show(wo)manship like her of course. :D I was googling pictures and i found this pair of awesome Vans kicks. Some guy made a custom for it and I would definitely want to own one of these.

Currently listening to-Paramore RIOT!

So how do you mix Paramore with Mutemath, with a little blend of Anberlin and top it off with some of our own tunes?

I just had to put this video on cos it's so awesome and i think it's Zac Farro doing a really funny dance, i've watched it at least 10times.

and the few of us monkeys tried to do this in school today, the Jeremy Davis pressure flip. :D

i think i'm gonna use small fonts from now on?

*vanwasere. (:

Friday, April 3, 2009

Boom Boom Dynamites! This Is So Random.


Came back from school today, rushed my add maths work cos tuition was in bout an hour time. Went to tuition all sleepy but was excited cos I was getting my episode 17 of 90210 from Andrew Paul after tuition. Went into his house as if it was my house and said hi to his mom then only his mom realised that i was i in the house. Funny much. Headed home and went straight to the computer and watched this episode. We've been waiting for it for almost a month or so.

In this episode, Silver had gone crazy cos of this crazy thing called *jeng jeng jeng* LOVE. I don't wanna spoil the episode for people who havent watch it too so yeah watch it to know what's happening.

Boo, Silver is pretty okaaaaay? Gold, okay okay only lah.

Oh oh, and everytime i go to Celine's blog, it's always bout Gossip girl. LOL, know why i don't watch it? Cos the actresses are old. at least 90210 got younger chicks like silver. :D
Didn't really study much this week due to phototaking session for 2 days. This was Wednesday, when i was in class when everyone were in the library after staying in the hall all day long. Ivan says, " Rotten students, SMILE!" then these few monkeys gave me really big smiles. haha. Guitar hero on Andrew's Nintendo DS.
Woots te 10k drums, yes?

And currently, I'm using this phone, Samsung Omnia. It's Andrew's. :p My dad wants it that's why its with me, I didn't steal it don't worry.And yes, these pictures had been on my desktop for a very long time. Remember those days when we play Playstation 1? Oh yes, Nike HAD made a pair of Air Force 1's and now they're making it again. Kids like us shouldn't even think bout these babies home cos it costs at least a grand.

Sexy laaah.

I don't think I'll be blogging anytime soon, i hope? cos of exams. Do keep me in your prayers cos I really need it. Amen!


*vanwasere. (: