Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Day.

... just because sometimes i'd be so free to walk to the mamak near my house to order a medium Nes-Lo ice to drink.

Woke up early this morning to get my hair cut at kim marie. Bathed, ate breakfast prepared by mommy. yum yum, met Sam and went to Kim Marie for our 25bucks haircut.

It wasn't the greatest though. It's just neat. Nothing more nothing less. Asked for an obvious Mo-Hawk like how i got it from Dry Cut at Bangsar last year but it didn't happen. ): There goes my 25bucks down the drain. boohooo. Sam just trimmed his hair. Like i said, nothing more nothing less and it's neater now. haha. I wanna go Dry Cut for my next hair cut. Anyone wanna come along? (: fetchmeeeee.

I look like some lala zai here man.

After getting my hair cut, headed down to Harmony in Uptown to get my drumsticks and my bro got all his guitar stuff like strings for classical, aqoustic and electric guitars. I dont understand guitarists like how guitarists understand drummers. Got myself an Adidas Deo cos Andrew broke my cologne bottle the other day. haha it's okay i don't hold a grudge on you.

My TY bear is called Champion. haha! 5AN drum sticks that burnt a hole in my pocket.

Went back to my house and became potato couch with these 2 jakuns. Watched Prison Break all day long. *coughsWentworthMillerisgaycoughs* It's a bloody violent show. I'm not swearing. It has lots of blood and tons of killing scenes.Samuel Lim Jin An. Andrew Paul Samuel. Posing for the camera eh? :p

What a gay day i had with these 2 fellows. haha.

Picked daddy up after his one day meetin trip to Johor. And i found one of those superdupersampat glasses he has. I've no idea why he bought it when he doesn't wear it at all.

Wo shi Ah Lim, Wo shi ge AH BIAO! Ni Hao. Ni Xia Si Wo lehhh. The "Ah Biao Lao Fu Zhi" look. haha.
I'm pretty tired after spending quite alot today. It's just another holiday day when i just waste my time away. starting work tomorrow so i'd be too tired. Will try to update as much as i can.
*van was ere. (:

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