Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Premier!

It was on 31st of May that I've brought you home from Harmony I remembered.
And I truely thank God for you cos if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be able to express myself so much and trying to get myself better to praise God with this talent that He has given me.

Happy Birthday! :D

Let the drummer kick,Let the drummer kick that
Those awesome cymbals, not mine. ):
Sorry for not being able to buy extra "dresses and accecories" to make you look pretty. You may not be the prettiest drums on earth, but you still look pretty to me at least. Continue to make beautiful music for me and the world to listen, someday.
And to YOU ! Happy 2 years anni! :p

Friday, March 27, 2009

L License

I camwhore when i'm bored.

It was Thursday.
I decided to skip school for the stupid boring bengkel. Went to my piggy bank and took out this amount of money. Yes, i pay it by myself cos i wanna drive soon lah.

BORING bengkel class that kills you cos it's so boring.

The only book i brought was my devotion book cos i was having my breakfast then my driving instructor called me. So this was the only book i managed to grab. When i turned to this page i think bout my hot friend, Sarah Lee. Don't drink too much kay?

Had Roti Canai for breakie.

My gangster looking punya IC.

Lunch that costs rm4.80 cos i added an egg and it wasn't delicious and it costs me one buck for it.

Emo punya weather.

The guy doing his thang, explainin how to park and 3 point turn and the slope which scare me cos i don't know if i can do it. ):

Back to the class cos it rained. So basically, i kinda stayed in the class bout 5 hours. It was THREATENING.

Found junk in my house called NINI.

And we all know this earth hour programme is being held tomorrow all over the world. Malysians, celebrate just about anything lah. Pretty good and bad too. It's about bringing awareness to the world on how important is saving electricity and by turning off our lights for one hour will probably, yes probably make a change in our habit of wasting electricity. I'm in the computer room and the lights and fans in my room are all switched on. wooops. During that one hour, go to the park and have fun with your friends and family yeah? That's what my apartment is doing tomorrow.
Was suppose to do my BK test at home cos i missed it last week but was kinda distracted by the computer. Guess I'll only be doing it when i get back from PD. Sorry teacher!
Will be heading to Port Dickson tomorrow and I'll be seeing you. (:
*vanwasere. (:

Today's a Historical Day.

SAMUEL LIM, made history today. Have you ever wondered why is it called history? Cos it was, is and is going to be his story. He finally got his guitar after 3 freaking years. Sam, Andrew, Melvin and myself headed to Bentley after school to get his guitar. And yes, we're jakuns. Taking pictures, acting just like 5years old kids and talking bout male chickens its what we're born to do. I don't have any pictures with me cos it's all with Sam but... I just have to blog bout this cos we wanted him to get a guitar more than he wanted to get it for himself, that's what he told his mom. (: Likee finally, thank you God for finally letting him make up his indecisive mind and we know that he has made the decision. Amen. We were witnesses to this historical day.

I am a Rockstar, I've got my rock moves. But I need You.

*vanwasere. (:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Band I Never Had.

... & I'll be the drummer rocking on the stage with the band, pouring out our passion to make awesome music, someday.

*vanwasere. (:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Huiying's So Gay That She Turned Into A GIRL.

My present from Miss Sarah Lee Hui Yi. :D
This is my bestfriend. ChinHuiYing. How she became my best friend? She disturbs me in class and has made, is making and gonna make my life miserable till the end of age. Joke!

Trying to act cute.
I was sitting beside her during tuition then I was like, " Huiying, you're so gay that you turned into a girl. " Then i was like " Eyh, take few pictures of yourself so i can blog bout you and I'll write the title as what i just said. " HAHA! So this is how her pictures got into my phone. Known her since form 1 and then we just got closer cos we spend so much together even though we don't want but just happened to and there you go, our close friendship. :D

Rocking with Vans and the ZooYork checkered pants. :D

... dang, I've gotta see Huiying at school tomorrow.

Hello, Puberty! SHINE Camp.

Luke 11.34
" Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are good, your whole body also is full of light. But when they are bad, your whole body also is full of darkness."

Something Happens In Everyone.

On March 20th, Ivan Lim reached Peacehaven. The ride this time was rather short cos I slept throughout the journey.
Someone left the Bass drum and Speakers in the middle of the road. Scenery of the cold place.
Ian teaching about puberty with the boys. " We are MEN! *everyone shouts HOK!(or however you spell it)*
Bahh bored.
It was games time and this was Sereena's station. Made em do all kind of weird poses and freeze so that i can take a picture of em.
Mr worm a.k.a Chong Chong. My phone has no macro mode but it focused really good, just not on the right thing. Not bad eyhh my phone.
Campers after formal night. Getting ready to watch "I not stupid".

This boy here, he's the cutest boy ever. He played so much and he was seriously dang tired. He was having his dinner, chewing and munching down the food as his mommy fed him, then he fell asleep. WITH THE FOOD INSIDE HIS MOUTH! X) and according to his mom, it was the first time that happened. lols.

Bad picture. ): We gave them GSC tickets for Blessed draw!
I didn't take much picture cos i was too tired and everything was too rush. I don't even have the camp picture. When i get it, I hope i'll remember to post it up. That's all for now. tu` raaa.
*vanwasere. (:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

To The Place Of Peace-To-The-Haven.

I had gay day with Andrew today. Tried uploading the pictures from my phone but the stupid connector ain't working. I need a new phone gahhh. Amithab Batchan! Watched that scene from Slumdog Millionaire cos i love it. haha! An episode of Entourage and Guitar Hero on his Nintendo DS. I have a natural talent for video games. LOL. And had fun playing his new toy that's living under his roof, A Ddrum drums. :D Sofie from KAMI, was the one that got me into malay chicks. Sam quote, "Basically girls who are tanned are all hot lah." I agreed. But we definitely can't categorise it like this. Some chinese chicks are tanned too. :D Andrew Paul and I was just going through random blogs and we found out that this Sofie, Juliana Sophie bt Johari Evans is Bis Andrew's(Gingerfish) friend. I think? yes yes or friend friend. haha. She's even hotter right now but she's like 21? Bah Bah brown sheep boooo.

Will be heading to Genting for three days cos of a std 6 camp. I really do hope I have fun. Ahh well God will lead me through.

I miss you, alot.

*vanwasere. (:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bie. (:

Soo Nen Lin, I asked YuJie how to write your chinese name in class the other day. :p

Okay I'm not gonna write much, when I say that, I mean it.

A Random Note: I fall asleep on the sofa in her house real easy.

Thanks for always being here for me when I really needed someone to talk to. And bringing me out as a birthday gift was the best gift I had received this year. Okay, as I said. Enough said. Mushy card on your way lah.

We have too much in common, sometimes. Positive and Positive repel but somehow we go too good together. I'm so random.


*vanwasere. (:

I Passed My Undang! & I'm Hungry Now.

Yeap I studied all week for it and i got only a 43/50 cos i asked a girl for answers and the girl failed twice. How smart of me. Lesson learnt, DONT CHEAT!

Had a really hectic day, woke up at 5.45am cos my body clock isn't working so well. Got ready and then Mr Ng, my driving instructor called and said that the centre will only open at 12.30pm. So I procrastinated, tried to sleep again. Studied a lil more and waited till 12.30pm. Morning was gone just like that. Took the test with two other BU3 girls which i didn't get their names. One of em got 47 and the other one failed twice. To cut things short, i was quite unlucky to get a hard test but thank God i passed it. Only that matters. (:

Came home to take a quick shower and headed to Beeyen's, my fav tuition teacher :D for add maths. Took a test. I'm gonna flunk though. Came home to wash my face and rushed to Pn Zabariah's tuition at 7.30pm. Totally forgot bout it. Boring boring after that came home for CSI. Potong steam, i think this is gonna be the starting for the highlight case for this season. CSI alway put you in a condition when you get all suspense and they end the episode, leaving you hanging. This can be called, "STEAM POTONG instead of potong steam."

I almost forgot to blog this, SOONENLIN! My biee. :D You deserve a post on my blog lah next one.

Been listening to new bands lately, bands that i've never heard of. Listening to The Maine now. They're music's good. And this is one of the best songs ever. I can headbang to this song when I listen to it everytime.

My favourite hot friend is back from clean land! I know you missed me! :D

*vanwasere. (:

Monday, March 16, 2009

What Have I Been Doing Lately?

From this... and Pn Suritha gave me a warning to cut my hair. To this. Just because the hair stylist did a mistake and she didn't know what is a mo-hawk. I'm going to Thomas and Guys to get my mo-hawk for my next hair cut already.I was inspired by Piet Mondrian. So i took our my colour pencils that i got as my birthday gift when i was standard 3,4 or 5? and started doing stuff.
Tadaaa! I'm not really good in arts lah, but I'm quite happy with the end result. "I'm not good in arts, that's why I'm in science stream. " a joke. Piet Mondrian, asian style. :p

I went for my undang lessons, thank God Foong Kar Mun was there too and she sat beside me all day. or not i'd be bored to death.

Found this picture. I had the worse eye bags ever that day when my bro left to Korea. I was up till 5.30am and i woke up at 6.30am to go to school. Didn't know it was tht bad till i got back from school.

My uncle, Ah Soon jiu jiu got his nokia 5800!I took a reflection on the window of my neighbour's car after LEO's orientation at school. Celine Boo made me all dirty by pouring flour all over me. Got her back by breaking a raw egg on her head.

Just finished my drum lessons with TeckYan's bro and when i looked down from my balcony, guess what these few kids are doing? They're learning how to Break and Skid to stop. The girl in green was the one teaching em. Future Rempits yo!

*vanwasere. (:

Fuyoh, KAMI!

" Hidup ini memang palat, tapi esok masih ada. " totally agree with it.

You might ask me, " eyh, why you watching malaysian films? " To all the malaysians especially chinese one out there, why do you all think that malaysia films suck so badly? That is the question to ask yourself. I bet 90% of you all who said that haven't even try watching a film, show or movie produced by our local peeps around and made a conclusion that these kind of films suck big time.

Sam lend the DVD to me, yes he was the one that got me into more of the local scene that's happening around us. And i must admit, after watching this show, i became a lil more patriotic bout this country that i'm living in. He bought the whole series and movie, original to be more specific. haha! And i've never regretted watching this show.

The show related to me somehow, what's happening in my life. They're also (acting) as form 5's, facing their spm days and there's lots of things they face in life which most of us teenagers are facing now too especially in M'sia. I don't think many of us realise that we're even facing the problem of our own and we just live a life with no meaning at all at times. to read more bout the preview of the show, you should go to http://projekkami.com/

These 5 teenagers, Abu(Dragonred's turntablist and a local DJ, according to Sam), Ali, Sofie(the really hot one), Lynn and Adii are the main casts of this movie. It's a story of friendship, music and how 5 of em go through life together by supporting each other even though they face much conflict in life. The bes part of it are those indie bands in M'sia. I've never go against our local music scene before. It got me more pumped up to listen to more local music when Pop Shuvit really caught my attention since i was maybe, form 1? I used to watch lots of Hitz tv and they do put local bands MV. Bands like, seven collar T-shirt, Estrella, One buck short are pretty good themselves. Teenagers nowadays should watch this show to know more bout what's happening around lah really. So watch kay? You won't regret.

The best part of it is, the directors lives in the same road as me and my mom teaches their daughter tuition and her daughter comes to my apartment to play in the playground quite often. I've been playing in the basketball behind my house since i was like standard 3 and it appeared in one scene too. heh! Watch it and you'll know what's the story bout lah, NenLin will be the next one watching it! right right? :D

Friendship and music. That's life. (:

*vanwasere.indiemusicrocks! (:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Piet Mondrian is Love.

Nike SB Piet Mondrian Size 8.5/9 is to die for.Steam Sial. Someone get these for me pretty pretty please? I was checking out pictures on flickr the other day, just random clicking then i clicked on this Tony dude, the one that bought a Flickrt pro account for kirsten i think? who has really nice pictures too. And he owns a pair of VANS Piet Mondrian. I don't think malaysia has this pair? *drools*

Decided to google up his name and check out some of his artwork.

I really really really really love this shirt. Wear this shirt, a black pants so that you'll focus more on the shirt, a checkered boxers, a pair of Nike SB Piet Mondrian with your hair spiked up... and there you have, A Masterpiece.

I think girls who are daring enough to wear these kind of stuff and manage to pull it off and not just wear the same ol' boring stuff everyday really have a sense of fashion. (:And here you go, Piet Mondrian. Itu dia. Simplicity is his art work.
*vanwasere. (: