Sunday, January 1, 2012


2011 has no doubt been a year of learning and gaining many new experiences for me. There were tons of things that I'm thankful for, there were also tons of things that I wished I could turn back time to undo it. God is gracious, way too gracious to me. All in all, I thank God that I'm still alive, breathing the air that I'm breathing right now.

So here it goes, the people and experience that I'm thankful for... (in no particular order)

1. A-levels Results
Studying A-Levels at Help College has been a crazy ride for me. A-levels exam was a rough time for me but God is way too good to me to bless me with 2A*'s and 2A's. I never expected myself to score that kind of results because I was really struggling through it. Praise the Lord!


College Friends
Every single one of you that I've met in college, know that I will definitely remember you all for life.

Further Maths Geeks
(Sihao, Yoke, Kevin, Daph, Chiong, Fionna, Genie, Carmen, Eric and the rest. & not to forget Mr Sam for educating us for this 1 and a half years.)
These bunch were the ones that made my college life interesting. Cherish every single one of you to bits.

The twin sister. Thanks for always being there when I needed someone and all the times that we've shared.

Nat nat.
Vanatalie till the end of times. Thanks for being the crazy insane you that bring smiles to everyone and just being a close friend to me.

Ali Bahremand.
The Iranian brother I never had. I miss you tons bro. We'll definitely meet again someday.

Chin Wen Pinnn.
You are a jolly good fellow. Thanks for all the talks that we had.

My birthday dinner after our last further maths paper in second semester. Thanks for celebrating it with me.

Physics class peeps.
(Nick, Ritesh, Chern, Ryan, Arshant, Lionel, Yoke, Hui Shiung and Ms Lilian)
This crazy bunch. Thanks for being the jokers in my college life.

Chemistry class.
(I can't find the picture!)
First of all, thank you Ms Ng for putting in so much hard work to educate us. All of the classmates in this class, thanks for being in my life.

A-Levels Prom
(Kevin, Me, Munyee, Yoke, Chiong, Lynn, Carmen, Fionna, Aik)Hyperblades.
It was definitely a good experience picking up dodgeball, playing in competitions and meeting all of you. Hope everything is well with everybody.

The A-race
Thank you student council for organising this event. Know that the RM1k that we won is in good hands.

SASA (Student Achiever Scholarship Award)
Thank you for giving me the scholarship to study in HELP to ease my parent's financial burden, or not I wouldn't even be studying in HELP and gaining this whole experience. Thanks Kin Ho for leading us and teaching us how to lead others too.

3. High School Mates.
Though things are different for every single one of us, know that I still cherish you all in my heart.
Dinner at Ampang Point
(Teckyan, Xinhui, Jeremy, bum, RahrahLee, KinkyTan, Shaws, Bigbird, Mr Paul, Zech)

where we flew high up in the sky wheeeee~

4. The Gap Year. Which road should I take?

After A-Levels, I decided not to go straight to university like all my other friends. It's because I couldn't afford to go overseas to pursue Engineering as it is too costly for my family. Initially, I was frustrated about the whole situation that I was going through. I questioned God about everything that was going on. But now I can see very clearly that everything happens for a reason. Matthew 6:33-34 became real to me. I thank God for rebuking me though His word and assuring me though these 2 verses. I knew I wasn't even seeking God's kingdom and His righteousness, so I knew I had to do something with my life.


During these few months, God has opened a lot of doors for me to serve Him. The first one was Cambodia trip in August with the Super 9 team for 9days!

Super 9 !
Top- Joel, me, Sean, Jeremy, Moks
Bottom- Sarah, Eilyn, Val, Eunice
The youth camp that we led, seeing the youth so hungry for God really did inspired me and got me questioning what in the world am I doing with my own life.

Going to Cambodia was THE turning point in my life. To cut the whole story short, God revealed to me His sovereignty in my life and I'm hopeless without Him. Being so comfortable in my life with everything I have can be pretty dangerous as I tend to be lukewarm in my life, thinking that I can go through another day without God. One thing that really hit me so hard in the face is when I saw all the youth study their Bible and wanting so much more from it. Even though the people there are not so well educated, they really take the time to understand the Bible and live according to the Word. Man, that was inspiring. Thank You God for revealing the weaknesses in my life.


In December, I was given the opportunity to be the Camp Coordinator for XYZ year end camp. It was a huge responsibility as I was the one planning the whole thing. I've learned a lot through this whole experience. There were few times that I just felt so helpless, thinking that I'm all alone in this journey. But God has assured me that even though my friends will fail me, He never will. I thank God for MOKS who gave me this chance to lead.

The best thing was definitely seeing my Cell Group, E2 having a change after this camp. God definitely has His ways and I'm still amazed to see how He works.

People that I'm thankful for...

7. My Family.
I thank God because I have the bestest of the best family in the world. I love my family.

Dad- Thank you for sacrificing your time with mommy to work in Brunei so that you can save up for my University fees. I know it's a really big sacrifice because you love mommy a lot, so thank you.

Mom- You're the most beautiful woman in my life. Thank you for providing us with the food on the table every day. Thank you for taking care of us and showing us sacrificial love.

Kor- Thank you for bearing with all my nonsense every single day. It must be really hard to be you to have a brother like me yet still love me for who I am.

8. MOKS aka Malvin Ong

with Abednego and Moks in Cambodia.

This year, you've definitely impacted my life in many ways. From Cambodia trip to XYZ Cili Padi Camp, I've learned so much from you especially in your efficiency in getting things done. I admire the way you want to serve people every opportunity you get and knowing that you want to do as much as you can in the life on earth. I'm glad that you're gonna be a daddy soon. I'll definitely tell your kids about how you've impacted my life, & definitely how crazy you are also. haha.

9. JACK. Where's Jill? & the Beanstalk.
Continue living for God. Thanks for encouraging in many ways to stay close with God.

10. Symphony Ong.
Through these years, I really do appreciate the wise words that you've said to me. You really have no idea how you've helped me through my life. Especially during the lowest times of my life, you were a true friend when I needed someone. Continue to be a blessing to others like how you are to me. I know that I wouldn't be able to find someone like you. I really do hope for the best for you when you're in Aussie. Know that you're someone that I truly cherish.

11. Eilyn aka Pork Chops
Thank you for being a true friend. It's amazing how you are an example to others especially to the girls in E2. Observing the way you live your life inspires me to be a testimony to others too. Thank you for being someone who I can talk to just about anything, and thank you for having the courage to rebuke me of my ways because you care.

poop masters. I miss all of us together, a lot. :/

12. C2. (and C1 in the picture)
Thankyou Ah Fai Kor for being a great example to me. Thank you people in C2 who have been teaching me the Word of God every single time I meet with all of you.

13. Sampathood.

Man, look at how much we've grown through all these years. Thanks for letting me hang out with all of you even though I'm one year younger. Till the day we die, we'll be together in this family, sampathood.

14. E2 itu diaaa!

All of you peeps are the most amazing bunch that I've ever met. I know I'm excited to walk in this journey with all of you this year. I don't know if my time is limited with all of you, but I know I would want to grow with you all as much as I can. I'm sorry for being a lost leader myself for few years and only being awakened this year, it is by God's grace that I now see His sovereignty. I'm excited to see how God is going to use us this year. Appreciate you peeps to bits.

15. The Brotherhood.

Thank you Victor for sacrificing so much time to impart to our lives. Melvin, Joel, Ryan, Ben Phoon and Ronnie, thank you all for being brothers to me.

16. Being a Teacher.
Daniel and Eric. The cutest Korean kids ever.

After A-Levels, I was offered a job to teach English, Maths, Mandarin and whatever I can help out with in a Korean Centre. Until now, I still teach at the centre once in awhile.

Never in a million years I would expect myself to be a teacher. God has provided me with private tuitions outside teaching Maths and Science related subjects. I really thank God for providing me with students even though I didn't ask for anything. God really does provides me with what I need. On top of that, I get to impart knowledge to the younger generation and in a way gives me chance to share the Gospel with them when I can. Thank you Moks once again for inspiring me to touch the younger generation's lives by educating them and also providing me with students.

Love of God.
For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.
(Ephesians 2:8-9 ESV)

It's crazy love indeed; how God wants to use a sinner like me for His kingdom. My purpose in this life is just to obey His Word and commands because I don't own anything, not even my life. I know I'm made for Him and not Him for me.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.
(Colossians 3:23 ESV)

I'm excited where God will lead me this year. I don't know what the future holds, but I'm still sure as ever who holds my future.

2011 has come to past, we should want to live according to the Word, preach the Gospel to others, preach the Gospel to ourselves daily, be reminded of the cross, make disciples for His kingdom and most importantly, not lose the love for God and for other people.

I am truly thankful for God using me and being real in my life. You are Sovereign.

*vanwasere. (: