Monday, November 10, 2008

Job Hunting. Failed I Guess? Someone save me.

The Indiana Jones look for Job Hunting. with Juli's fedora.

I think i wasted my time away just walking around curve and to ou and back to curve today.
It all started like this. Woke up early in the morning, got ready and waited at the bus station outside my house. This is the first time I'm doing this. Waited at the station at 10.20am. A bus arrived at 10.30am and i reached Taman Paramount at 10.40am. Took an lrt to Kelana Jaya station and i waited for the shuttle bus till 11.30am. Reached curve at 11.45am.

Do the maths, My parents won't be around cos they'll be doing holidays. If i wanna work in curve and i've gotta travel like this every single day, i'll take a minimum of 1hour 25mins just to reach there. Talk bout coming back.

Met with Juli. First we went hunting for a fedora for some mad hats party she's gonna have. Ended up spending 70bucks just on one fedora from fourskin. What a rip off. :p Plus her head was too small for the fedora so this is what i told her, " Juli, i think you need to study more so that your head can fit the fedora." haha I'm such a meanie.

Asked around for jobs. Baskin Robbins only pays 3.50 per hour. Underpaid lah weih. So we went to La Gourmet to ask if there's any Job Vacancy. And the manager's first question to us before we even introduce ourselves, the manager, Shahril said, " Are you two in a relationship? " and we were like, " Noooooooooo.. seriously nooooooo. " He didn't believed us so he asked again and we answered him the same thing again. Funny much. It's 5bucks per hour. The standard pay in Curve.

Then we took a cab to OU so that we can ask a few more other food store. We went to sushi groove and we found out since the government has changed and everything. To cut things short, for 18years old and below is not allowed to work full time now cos of some complication with the government.

Camwhored in F.O.S. i want the colourful VANS shirt. ): I'm not gonna spend anything on clothes. Gonna save for my drums stuff.
Dude, i look fat when I'm with Juli.You can stand under my Umbrella-ella-ella-a-a-a-a...

Walked back to Curve cos i found out the stupid bus to kelana jaya station is only for onecard member. I don't know if i'm stupid to miss the other bus or what, so I walked back to Curve to take the shuttle bus. Almost got hit by a car cos i didn't look at the other side of the road. My first time. The car honked real LOUD and good thing i wasn't blur or i'd get banged by the car already. Thank God really for this.

Had the oh-so-ever-awesome ikea hotdog and currypuff and finished with a nice carbonated drink. I still enjoy eating the currypuff so much even after eating so many of it in my entire life. Sat down and watched National Geographic. I don't even flip through that channel at home. It was rather, educational. It was bout France, Eiffel tower with fireworks and flamethrowers which is pretty interesting and the La Tour de France i think. Some bicycle marathon that you need to finish within 10 hours.

When it was about 4pm, got into the yellow shuttle bus, the different and nicest looking one of all and headed back to Kelana Jaya station. Mom picked me up and i fell asleep like a fat pig when i got home.

Mom kept on saying that she can't cover the cost if she gotta fetch me to Kelana Jaya everyday because it's quite a distant from my house. So i doubt i'd be working in Ou or Curve. Sad me. I don't know what to do now really. I'm jobless because i have problem with transport to far far away places. And there's no working place nearby my place. Oh God help me.

If anyone of you know of any places nearby, do tell me kay? thanks. Mom asking me to work in Jaya 33 cos i can take a bus straight there. Hopefully there's a job vacancy there.
Yeah guess i'm not pretty overjoyed bout this job thingy. I just need money to upgrade my drums. I don't like wasting my parents' money cos it's their hard earned money. I know it's really tough for em to earn money. So yeaaah... i'm gonna work hard myself to reach my own goal.

*van was ere. (:

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