Wednesday, June 25, 2008

little miss i-cause-volcanoes. (:

4 hours of hard work. :D worth it.

*cheers. (:

Monday, June 16, 2008

i'm in love. :D

Nike Dunk Low SB SKATE-OR-DIE!
Nike SB Dunk Low "Piet Mondrian" and "720 degrees"

If only kicks drop down from heaven...

*cheers. (:

Thursday, June 12, 2008

look who got suspended too.

"Teachers have created a rebel in him," his dad says.
*cheers. (:

Monday, June 9, 2008

too cool for school.

the start of the 2nd semester of school, i was somehow somewhat looking forward to go to school in the morning. woke up late as usual. got ready and headed to school.
stood during assembly, listened to those boring 'meaningful' speech from the teachers.
after assembly, teacher called me up. i know i was in trouble. they told me that mo-hi-ken style is not allowed in school and didn't allowed me to enter my class. there's nothing worse than this aight? called up my dad and he brought me to the barber. i was surprised that my parents didn't scold me except for my bro calling me stupid again and again. hahaha.
ANYWAYS, i've no idea why i wrote so much. you can read from here. i got kinda suspended from class till i get my hair done. dad picked me up. went to cut. ate breakfast at mamak. and went back to school with a super fuugly haircut. it's okay it'll grow. it looks like this now. ):
school rule no. 1000232142435345 says,"mo-hawk is not allowed in school cos it's too COOL for school rules." as price of everything is raising up, mommy's home cooked food tastes even better.
aunty karen's lasagna recipe, made by mommy. oh-so-yummy!
i caught a spider! :D i love spideys.
even though i had some so called disciplince probs in school. my dad bought me a watch. :D
sexy white ya'll!

*cheers. (:

Sunday, June 8, 2008

a day out with sara the other day.

saraleong. (:
setapak coffeee. heh.
we wanted to play water balloons. throw at people on the streets from the top of the building. but it failed cos it was raining heavily.
came back during midnight and i saw this bird at the stairs. it's really rare to see a bird like this at night. so i tried to take a picture with the camera that i dont know how to use.
i've no idea how to make it clear. the camera's fault woi!
if it was clear, this shot would be oh-so-good. screw the camera.i had fun. enough said. (:

*cheers. (:

Saturday, June 7, 2008

ivan was here.

now you see me. (:now you don't. ): spot the difference. :p

*cheers. (:

Rob Bourdon, Linkin Park.

Rob Bourdon is an awesome drummer. (:

*cheers. (:

Thursday, June 5, 2008


ac boy? :p : O
can you SMELL, what the ROCK, is coooking.
king kong's wife. looks like she forgot to her shirt on.
yeah i cut my hair at kim marie the other day. i asked for a mini mo-hawk. i guess it came out a half mini mo-hawk. anyone knows where i can have a cheap good hair cut where i can go to cut my hair every month? (:

*cheers. (:

coming soon...

*cheers. (:

Monday, June 2, 2008


give me the chou ah beng look! i'm jay chou wannabe! :p this is what happens after you go to cyber cafe during midnight to play dota. bro, zhiyu, feiju(ah keong), ah lun, sin kuan. "wei shen me ni men zhen tian dou zai wan DOTA?" X)

daryll a.k.a jerry. reading newspaper at night.
fat boy.
ben siew. telling his lame jokes that people will never get bored of.
mango loh at k.t.z( kei tak zek) remember to eat or not? who forgets to eat their food? we're malaysians man.i stalked a few ah ma when i was walking back from lunch. they hang out at bus stations. how cool is that? :p
*cheers. (:

Holy Spirit weekend away at peacehaven.

me, "kids, listen to me okay? :p and no one is to be quiet, everyone must talk. "
nise and eve.

floorball! where's the ball?
philip and ivan. (:
ready, set, HIT!
zhiwei, san, stephy and me. love 'em. (:

hahaha. nise says,"cheer loudly, i wanna take a picture." four of us goes into cheer posing position. lols.
us. (:
stephy. heh.
sara leong's group name. okaaaay.

it was a 2 days 1 night trip down to peacehaven at genting. like ben says," everything is overrated here in genting." it is quite true, the weather, the food, the PRICE of everything etc etc. that's not the point actually. haha.

i had lots of fun especially at night. staying up till 3am looking at stars. it was awesome time. i really had alot of fun learning and just spending time with my friends. i so appreciate them more after this trip. i thank God for everything that is happening in my life now.
*cheers. (: