Friday, November 14, 2008

Appreciate your mommy's money, and your daddy's too.

I'm not looking forward for work anymore although the pay is good. I woke up this morning with my whole body aching. I've never worked so hard my whole entire life. Ivan says, "Even studying is easier than working." This working experience will motivate me to study hard and smart so that i'll have an easy job with easy money when i grow up next time.

VIETNAM KITCHEN. Delicious food. The food sinned against all the people serving the food. WHY? Because we were dang hungry and the all the food looks super delicious. No doubt why there's so many customers coming in during lunch and dinner break especially. The place is HECTIC, MAD, i say. I don't know whether to say it's worth working here or not. It's just to o tiring.

So kids of this corrupted generation, don't simply spend your parents' money please? Okay?

*van was ere. tireeeeeed for money.

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