Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm A Freakshow. (:

Hey now
Don't be standing around lets
To the bass the drums the beats we kick
Now you are down
it is time to get up
and get busy with the
freaky freakshow
What you see is what you get
And this is how we party
Freak freak freak to the beat
Freak freak feel the heat
Freak freak freak to the beat
Freak freak now stomp your feet
Freak freak freak to the beat
Freak freak feel the heat
Freak freak freak to the beat
Freak freak now stomp your feet.
*vanwasere. (:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Christmas' Eve's Eve. Ever Wonder Why Isn't It Christmas Adam?

What did i do? I spent my whole day at NenLin's house watching movies. We cooked lunch, well sorta. And i fell asleep.

And then, i came home to have a nap.

Headed to Asia Cafe at 10pm to play pool and foos with my bro and his friends till midnight.

Came home at like 1.30am and i learnt how to drive. First lesson by KokWei and IsaacLim.
Step 1. Press clutch.
Step 2. Shift To first gear.
Step 3. Slowly remove clutch so that it can accelerate.

It was rather fun, complicating and dangerous. Might take my undang test with NenLin and prolly some other peeps next week. I hope.

I think i need to sleep..? :p

What a long day even though it's still 24 hours.

*vanwasere. (:

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Rather White Christmas..?

Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree, of all the trees most lovely
Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree, of all the trees most lovely
Each year you bring to me delight, meaning in the christmas night
Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree, of all the trees most lovely
O Christmas Tree is a traditional German Carol. The author of the lyrics are unknown as is the composer of the lyrics. The tradition of bringing a tree inside and decorating it with candy, baubles and bells was started in the nineteenth century and is immortalized in the carol O Christmas Tree lyrics.
I googled it. :p
Christmas, Oh Christmas. What does Christmas means to you?
For me, it was the day my Saviour, my King, my Father, my EVERYTHING was born to this place called earth to save us from sin. And i've never regretted believing in this awesome Dude that was born to this earth. I just wanna celebrate the day He was born here and I know He's here for me, with me, in me. I'm gonna live my life just for Him and trust in Him for the rest of my life.
ANYWAYS, it's not wrong to get presents on Christmas too, right? I've bought presents for a couple of people only because i'm like broke now after spending too much on myself. bought 2 shirts just to wear on Christmas. And presents? surprise you all lah. I'm waiting for my presents too, Santa. I've been GOOD.
Things i NEED for Christmas.
*Drums stuff. Cymbals.
*umm.. that's all i have in mind now? I need new underwears too. I'm too sleepy to think.
Shouldn't ask for too much cos i shouldn't have high expectations cos it'll only let me down. Oh well, my birthday's coming up to! i need to get my driving licence.
It's freaking 2.52am now. gotta sleep.
*vanwasere. (:

I'm A Potato Couch-er.

When I'm not out, I'd spend my whole day watching like half a season of a show. So i managed to watch these 2 shows. 90210. Yeap, it's rather gay for a guy to watch it. Carrie got me into it. I haven't finish the whole thing yet but will try i guess? :p Silver is the hottest. (:

Chuck! This show is worth watching. One of the best shows so far.

And not to forget...
Miami Ink! Watch it everyday at 11pm. The best show ever. Love it, love em.
I don't know how to end this post. Merry Christmas?
*vanwasere. (:

The Days When My Mommy And Daddy Are Not At Home. >.<

Once upon a time, the Lim parents went to China for honeymoon for 2 weeks. So, their sons Isaac Lim Huan-Wei and Ivan Lim Huan-Wen had to get ready their own food for 2 weeks with 200bucks each. But since the Lim Brothers spent almost everything and didn't have enough money to go out to eat already, they decided to go to GIANT and buy some stuff to try to cook and survive for the week. And low and behold, they came back with the thing called FOOD! *jeng jeng jeng* They cooked it, but of em was either burnt or in bad shape as a result. They still ate it and thought it was good because they put their heart into cooking and they felt their own love in the food that they ate. Now they're missing mommy cos they want her superyummylicious food that she cooks everyday. So that they can live happily ever after.

Decided to make Tom Yum fried rice today... So i boiled the rice.
took out the tom yum paste from the fridge...
and waited for the stupid rice to get boiled. Eat, Sleep, Play Psp...
Resulting in stuff like this. *points up* The rice was horrible so i threw it away. The chicken, sausages and egg that i made was awesome so that was my dinner.

When we brothers don't cook, we eat this yummy yet unhealthy stuff. RAMEN!

And their still waiting for their mommy and daddy to come back.


*vanwasere. (:

Spring Cleaning. Oh Wait, It's Winter Now So It'll be Winter Cleaning? Or Snow Cleaning?

My Masterpiece. "Sow Rubbish and You'll Reap Rubbish." Ivan quotes.
My shoes were really dirty so i spent like a couple of hours just washing it off. But it's all dirty again now. Booohooo..Adore my baby. Adore my other baby. Anyone interested to buy? Worn once out only. Size 9, it's a tad bit big for me cos i've got short feet.
Adore it again.
Spot the Smiley, the computer screen was jammed up so i decided to draw one.
Sea Coconut that mommy made that was eaten by me during midnight. yummmmeyyy!
Adore it one last time. My Oh-So-Sexy feet.
*vanwasere. (:

Ivan Rocks Lah.

I think i've been going out a tad bit too much this holidays and taking advantage of me being home alone cos the parents are in China having a great time together. But it's all good. (: I'm just too lazy to update this blog cos normally i'd wake up and come home n sleep the whole routine keeps on going for the past few weeks.

And this was last last week i think? Was setting up the chairs for someone's wedding. The couples' names were Staphanie and Jason. Yeah Staphanie. So we're gonna find this Stephanie *points up* a Jason for her to get marry to. :p go fat boy me!
On the next day during the wedding, i went to the toilet and i wanted to wash my hands and i realise someone stole this away. Random much.
Before the camp, I had to plan with my lovely E2 members( you all rock! :D ) for talentime. We spent countless of hours just giving out ideas and then we realised our ideas were too much to act out so we decided to redo the whole thing last minute.
The Parable Of The Sower in Children Show Style. *click on picture to read all the random facts*
Before the day of camp during midnight...
I got so stressed up so i became The Hulk! green face monster!

And then i tried to make a power ranger mask. A nerdy one. The end results was awesome lah and everyone loved it cos we had a team of power rangers.

And who guessed it? We won talentime as the first 5 teams and we won another 200bucks voucher for tgif. I'm really proud of all of you E2 peeps! :D

*Commercial break for this blog post* Ultraman in disguise, Ultromen! in chocolate style yo.

LiangJun aka Spongebob aka Superstar. He was interviewed by 1am because he won the best actor and the video of him being interviewed might be somewhere online. haha! GO LIANGJUN!

I had a great time at this camp just being reminded of how awesome this God, Jesus loves me so much. Another chapter of my life closed. But I know i'll keep on living for the BIG MAN up there in heaven. :D

*vanwasere. (:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boo You!

Am I lost in somewhere in the world? Nope, have been in church for the past few days for preparation for camp because THE OH-SO-AWESOME XYZ ENCOUNTER CAMP IS TOMORROW! Like finally.. I'll blog soon i guess? I'll be gone for 4 days. For those of my friends who's gonna leave m'sia for a long long time, I'm surely gonna miss you all. And BOO to all those who's not gonna go for camp. *coughssampatsformfivescoughs* :D

Mommy and Daddy left me and kor kor home alone cos they went honeymoon at China for 2 weeks. They'll only be back on Christmas eve. So if anyone wants to crash in my house, feel free to come by over. With my permission. :p I've got only 200bucks to survive for 2 weeks though. Plus 100bucks as Christmas gift from Daddy. I think i'd spend overboard on food lah. Humph.

Christmas is coming. I've got a long Christmas Wish List. And i've been on retail therapy since on November. Someone gotta control me from spending.

Dear God, I pray that You'll give me what i need and probably some of the things that i want. Amen!

I'll be back. Like how Terminator says.

*vanwasere. (:

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Man, This Is Not Good.

It's freaking 5.52 in the morning and i'm still awake just because i cant sleep. And i finished the whole season 1 of entourage. Someone shoot me so i can sleep.

*off to bed now.

Say, " Hello DECEMBER! "

11 months has passed just like the speed of light. wooooosh. (not bad for handphone's camera eyh? :p)

Woke up in the morning and took a taxi to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with Carrie and Nicholas to catch TWILIGHT! Girls were mad over this Edward Cullen dude lah. The girls in the whole cinema were like,"oooooh ahhhhhh!" when he came out. Carrie wanted to shout like them too but she said she didn't want to cos she had me and nick beside her. haha! He's freaking pale lah. The girl also not pretty. The movie was okay? i'm gonna read the book to understand bout it more. haha.

The Cullens.

After the movie, headed to Carls Jr. They have lots of taglines that'll get us fat. "SCREWTHEDIET"hahaha. and something like, "She say she's afraid of being fat, she's lying."

Went to pick Carrie's sisters up and went to Mcd's and we had some big time gossip session. I'm the prom king and nick will be the prom queen. :D

Let me tell you a story bout Dumb Taxi Drivers.

I called for a cab and told him i wanted to go to ss1 which is back to my house. The fellow asked me to hop on to his car. I got in then he was like where's ss1? Then i told him somewhere at sungai way, somewhere at ss2. Then he was like i cant pick u there, it's way too jam now. WATHEHECK RIGHT! He fetched all the way to subang cos he thought that ss1 was at subang. Ended up dropping me at a KTM station and i've gotta freaking pay him 5bucks for the ride. Took KTM to KL sentral. I'll never sit KTM again. It's so jam packed with humans. Thank God i wasn't standing to someone who has a bad odour. Went all the way to KL sentral and took and lrt back to Paramount. And bro picked me up from there to go to church for jamming. The Freaking End.

Despite me being so frustrated with stupid taxi drivers who don't know their way, I had fun in church jamming. Spent so much money just on transport. I want a license, mommy.

I've been eating a lot of choki choki these past weeks. Finally, the last one.

It's December now. A season to be jolly and lalalala. I'm in the christmas mood already and I'm gonna buy myself a double pedal for my christmas present. My new baby. Waiting for it now so I'm gonna be happy like a lil kid who just got his new toy. :D i love December. Don't be jealous girls. :p

Time flies, faster than a bird. I'm getting old, but younger to death. So live everyday like there's no tomorrow. (:

Before i finish this post, let me tell you a joke.

The other day in church, Pastor Glen from 1am's church was sharing a word to us. She was telling us, " If you want a tan, you'll get under the sun to get one." so i told Daryll, "So how do you get a nine?"

*vanwasere. (:

Monday, December 1, 2008

3 Days With Eubos. Who? Yeah, Eubos i said.

Let me hear you say, " EUBOS!"

It was FRIDAY!
i woke up with the most random thing happened to me early in the morning. After shower, i wiped myself and i saw one side of my contact lens sticking on the wall. Seriously, I've got no idea how it got onto the wall.

After getting ready, mommy fetched me to jaya33 for work. I had no idea what was i working as. The first thing i saw was a big HUMMER. Awesome man. I'm so gonna get one when i become rich next time. :D
Hummer! Vrooom vroooommm vrooooommmmm.Look at those pretty wheels.

Found out what i was doing, it was rather simple. A promoter for EUBOS. For all of you who don't know what's EUBOS, it's a brand which sells lotion and stuff like that. Didn't know that many of my friends are using this brand though.
And there came SATURDAY! Why? Cos God put it that way.
Was fascinated by a stand selling foot long hot dogs for only RM3.50! And that was really cheap. So i decided to wait till 3pm till i eat my next meal cos i had a rather late and heavy breakie. But when i ordered my hot dog, there was only the bread, mustard, sausage and tomato. blaaaah.

Looooooooooooooongest! Hot Dog lah.


After work, dreaded to follow parents for dinner. But thank God saw Stephy and Lydia che still in church. Had dinner with em and a few more other peeps at Wai Sek Kai.

And after Saturday came SUNDAY! because Sunday always comes after Saturday! go me!
It was a rather lazy day for me but we had more sales than the two other days. Went to church early in the morning cos no one wants to fetch me later. Followed parents to church. Helped out at the XYZ camp register stand, and headed to Jaya33 after that. I was reading my Modern Drummer magazine for almost the whole day. And of course, there was a pretty girl at another stand. :D she looks exactly like Lydia from the back. So pretttttyy. But she's definitely old enough. ):

And i found something random. *points below*

Something boys will never experience. Cottage-Cheese-Like/Watery. yeaaaah.hmm..?

I think i grew fatter throughout these 3 days. The lady who worked with me kept on buying food for me and she knows i'm a real lazy boy, so she kept on asking me to sit down or just walk around before i get too bored. Have no idea why she treats me so good. Overall, i enjoyed this job 100times more than Vietnam Kitchen. And the girl is so pretty. :D I think she works at Jaya33 flower shop. wooots!

*vanwasere. (:

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today Is Thursday And I'm A Free Man!

Didn't realise the picture was so dark, i'm lazy to take another one already laaah.
ANYWAYS! MY BK TEST IS DONE! And i don't think i did well lah. So yeah, finally it's HAPPY HOLIDAYS for me! :D umm wait nope, i'm gonna have a 3days job at jaya33 cos i'll be helping my mom's friend from 10am-8pm on friday-sunday. Find me! I've no idea what i'm gonna work as seriously. Hopefully it's not something like vietnam kitchen and God, let me enjoy it please. Amen!

Ma lil' cuzzies was at my home, hommies!
I'm just hyped up cos my exams are all done. woots~
See you at jaya33!
*vanwasere. (: i love my baby drums.


Mutemath is not an spm subject. If it was, make noise and you fail. :p

I'm in love with this band thanks to Sam.

*vanwasere. (:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


To.. Or not to? That is the question. Modern Drummer... or Bible Knowledge?

Having an exam on BK this thurs night and i get distracted really easily. God, save me. I've read through chap 1 till chap 24 in 4 days cos i've been really distracted by things around me. This is not good. I just started reading the answers for the book and am at chapter 5 now.

So i decided to clear my head off by taking a jog.
Nike Woman Air Zoom Moire + . yeaaah woman. :p

It's really dirty because i've been using it as my school shoes. Havent washed it before since i got it. Will wash it next week. :D

All the great things will come in December babeh. Why? Cos it always does. (:

*vanwasere. and he needs money. (:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nike Dunk Sb, my love.

I've been loving these 2 pairs of kicks for a very very long time. And when i went to streething forum to check just now. Boohoo it got me all emo-ed up. Anyone wants to donate me bout 500bucks? (: I'll say thank you to you, i promise.
Nike Dunk Low Pro Sb "Skate or Die". Die, Dieded, Deaaaad! :pNike Dunk Low Pro Sb "720 degrees". Just drool on those awesome colourways.
Coming Soon...
Nike Dunk Low Sb Mosquito! It'll suck you like how a mosquito sucks. Coming out tomorrow.
Buy me shoes.
*van was ere. (:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back To The Place Called Johor.

Ah Ma, Ah Gong.
The Lims. Always proud to be one.

I miss you, Ah Gong. Will be back in hometown for the weekend for grandpa's 100th day funeral ceremony thingy.
*van was ere. (: