Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday APEK Lim! :D

It was Thursday.

My day started off with waking up at 3.30am in the morning wanting to study maths. I spend an hour in the toilet that day cos the shower was just too nice that morning. At 4.30, i opened my maths book and i remembered the BIMB in my class said that maths exam only starts at 12. So i decided to play computer and do my revision in school before exam starts. I realised i haven't drink Milo for a reaaaly long time so i made one for myself to drink that morning. Youtubed the whole morning till like 7 and i reached school bout 7.25.

I walked out of my house, put on slippers cos i decided since it's the last day of school and my legs needs to breathe so why not wear slippers, and headed to my car, and i realised that there's rain and sunshine at the same time. So i asked my daddy whether there's a rainbow. Couldn't find one. So i got into my car and headed to school. On the way to school, me being excited like a lil boy saw a really really big big RAINBOW! I was happy just as if a lil kid who hasn't seen a rainbow before. The rainbow was beautiful, 7 colours, the number of perfection. What a great scene to start my day.

When i reached school i was wondering how come everyone putting their bags outside of class. THEN i realised exam starts at 7.30am. Yeap i can't escape the exam. Took it not prepared at all. But it was good overall. (:

Got back a couple of results throughout the day and i guess i'm pretty satisfied with my results except for sejarah. I kept on telling myself how am i suppose to sit for this stupid exam in spm. I don't think my brain capacity is that big to store 2 years of sej. IF ONLY our brain has a compartment for a memory card, i'd buy a Tera-Giga-Mega Gig memory card so that i can store everything for Sej.

Everyone was counting down, 10,9,8,.....3, 2, 1, 0 ! *bells ring loudly* everyone rushes down the stairway excitedly. Shouting and jumping for joy.

Ah what a great year it has been, i talk to myself. With a blink of an eye, this year went by really fast. As fast as Flash runs. haha.

Da che fetched me after school for lunch. Picked up Sara from her house and then we headed down to curve. Oh the smell of curve, i've gotta be honest with you all, i haven't stepped into this place in a million years. Then i told da che i used to come here every single day last year with andrew for work till we got really sick of curve.

Ate in TGIF. It was rather fattening. But it's all worth it cos Da Che spent us lunch. I felt guilty cos it was suppose to be Sara's b'day lunch but me being a kepohchi decided to join in. :D and i stepped out of TGIF just like a happy fat boy just finished eating a big fat pig all by himself.

Met up with Andrew, Shawna, Ying and Yilin after that for HSM 3. Yes girls do take very long to get ready. Girls will always be girls. Do you all know why HSM 3 isn't shown in disney channel? It's not meant for kids. Zac and Vanessa sitting on the tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. HSM 3 is kid's porn, ivan quote. 13+ years old kids only can watch it. It was good overall. It gave me goosebumps when they sang we're all in this together. What a happy ending. I still like HSM 1 best. It's like the most original and the most meaningful of all.

Met up with Sam, the birthday boy after the movie. He was having karaoke session with his classmates. And Ms sexy Carol took a picture of the six of us. (:
Ying, Sam, Yilin, Shawna, Andrew, Me with peace signs. :p

Deciding on where to eat is the worse thing ever. Yes? sounds familiar? heh. Decided to eat in Marche in the end. They do serve good food. I don't think it's the best though. But it's okay.
I love andrew paul. hahahaha. Yilin being a jakun. Huiying... *dotss*
Just the six of us.

Eat well, Stay fit, Die anyway. I was having a bad hair day. But it was a happy day so it's okay.

After one year. Good company brings joy. iish ugly picture.

Exactly one year before. This is a good picture.
Samuel Lim.
This brother of mine. I've known him for many years back then. I remembered this idiot when i saw him in toilet during form one. I asked him, " Eh you're from rangers right?" I remembered this clown face when i was std 2 wearing buckaroos shirt. hahaha.
Been through ups and downs with this dude. And he has a big problem with life cos he can't buy a guitar after years and years. He's just confused. hahaha. But he's still awesome. "Life is an adventure when you're with me." says Sam. It's indeed an adventure cos we do stupid stuff together. Talk crap all day long and waste our time away.
We're not that lifeless lah. There's definitely more to our friendship, our brotherhood. We still have lots of years ahead of us and i know i've gotta tahan your face for the rest of my life. And i'm gonna laugh at you for the rest of my life. hahahaha. Remember the futsal match when we're 70 years old? I'm gonna beat your ass for that match, Sam. Watch out. (:
Time really flies. We're all old, but i'm looking forward to the future. It's gonna be interesting and crappy at the same time. But it's still all good cos i know my future is in God's hands.
*van was ere. (:

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