Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday To ME!

*ignore RSVP by jan 31st and the chip in money part. But PLEASE PLEAE PLEASE RSVP before the day. Click picture to enlarge.

For those people who i've missed out, my apologies cos you're either not in my school or i didn't see you on the last day of school.


One more thing, if you don't wanna bring food, bring drinks at least? I'll be bringing stuff too but I dont think it's enough to get everyone rowdy by the end of the night. So yeah!

I'm sure all of you have lots of stuff and junks from chinese new year and you dont wanna keep it at home right? Bring it laaaah. and Texas hold em, In between basically cards are welcome.

Many of asked where's aman suria, it's at TAMAN MAYANG, turn left and go straight all the way after you see the big big St. Ignatius church at the main road. Okay cool? cool. :D

If you really don't know what to get for me? read this.
-Drumsticks(5A, big marching ones)
-Shoes. :D no high hopes on this though but i'd love you if you get me one.
-Anything will do actually. (:

*vanwasere. (:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year Peeps!


The sound of the firecrackers. Super LOUD that's for sure. They're burning money to make noise. Oh! The sound of the lion dance too! Those beats, I've already recognized it since i was young because it's so similar. i could probably play it if you give me the gong too. :p

Anyways, as you all know I've been really sick throughout this week. No matter how geeky and nerdy you all think I am, I did not study at all. Not because I don't want to, but i just cant. So what do i do when I'm all bored and lonely? Play LOCOROCO 2! I finally completed the game yesterday morning when i woke up. Blehs.
So yeah, that's bout it. No Ang Paos from Dad's side this year cos my grandpa passed away last year. I am missing him. Nevertheless, my birthday is coming up. Teehee.

*vanwasere. (:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jack Arse Juliet, Are You With Me?

Run Baby Run! Don't Ever Look Back!


That's all i wanna rant in this post.

Crank that, Obama.

And I'll be back, to school, tomorrow.

*vanwasere. (:

... and one day Ivan Lim Huan-Wen will be the first chinese Prime Minister in Malaysia, for a beter change.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Now I Know Why I Got Sick, maybe?

Is it cos i've been deprived of pretty girls around me?
Is it cos my wisdom tooth grew?
Is it cos of me being too geeky?

The Answer is NO!

I know what kind os sickness i've got like half an hour ago when i stared into the mirror. FENG MO!
you may ask yourself, what the heck is that? It's an annoying itch, rash, big red patches that'll appear all around your face and your body. Basically your whole physical self. And my face is full of it now which sucks big time. I hate it. I DETEST IT! Like how sarah lee would say. gahhhhh.

Please pray for me peeps, aights?

*vanishatingbeingunwell. ):

Sick, Soulja Boy and Wisdom Tooth.

I FOUND MY SUPER SOAKER! Hydro War Party people who are invited, get ready to get Super Soaked!

You can check out HuiYing's blog to check out more of me there cos she loves me oh-so-much therefore she put oh-so-many pitures of me in her blog, i think.

Guess SPM is finally hitting me on the head that i fell so sick since Saturday. Dang, today's Tuesday, I've gotta get well by Chinese New Year so i can enjoy it and eat some yummy pork, halal bro halal, yummy grandma's cooking and enjoy the time with my cuzzies and family. It's not nice being sick. I lie on bed all day long cos my head is pounding like crazy due to the stupid scorching ultra violet heat rays from the oh-so-magnificient Sun. Gahhhh!

Skipped school yesterday. Woke up a tad bit late in the afternoon cos i get all dizzy when i walk. Youtubed all day long and i watched this dude and i stalked my Alyssa Bernal!

Aku nak jadi Soulja Boy!
Alyssa's mine.

Oh, i probably got sick cos my wisdom tooth just grew maybe a couple of days ago. It's kinda annoying and the worse thing bout it is I can't grow anymore. Bahhh, that pretty much sucked.

That's all for now. Might head to the doc later and i'd probably say, "what's up, doc?" loser.

one more, they make me feel lousy.

*vanwasere. (:

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Still Ivan Lim Huan-Wen.


A whole new fresh start to kick out this year. Putting year 2008 behind and marching forth this tragic yet exciting year. Nevertheless, I'm still Ivan.

I just read through my journal just now and i can say i've grown quite abit in my life. Was trying to live the best of myself last year and i hope i did achieve that, but i'm definitely striving for a better year in year 2009.

Main focus for this year? What else, SPM. Study, Pork, Mad. Yeah this is so driving me crazy. I'm nervous bout this big exam which isn't so big to some people last year and i don't know why. But I know that i need God's strength to keep me going through this year. And living the best out of my life is definitely one of resolutions for this year.

I have to admit i haven't been spending time with myself throughout this holidays. Haven't been thinking bout my own life and i think everyone just need some time off to spend some time with yourself if you get what i mean? It gets you thinking lots and reflect upon your own life. I've only manage to give myself a break today and i do hope it's not too late. School's tomorrow. *everyone screams, cries, sighs...* Peeps, it's not that bad going to school what, look at it positively. You get to see your friends and gain knowledge.

As it's the last year of high school for me, I'm gonna appreciate every single moment of it for sure. Study smart and not hard is the motto i live with. Sow and you will reap like what the bible and uncle chan says.

I have a purpose in life that is to live for Jesus. And i wanna be the best for Him. Amen!

P/S, Oh yeah, i wanted to put the title for this post as i pierced my ear before i shaved my moustache. Cos it really did happen. Maybe next post! Till then.

*vanwasere. (: still living my life in FAITH.