Friday, December 21, 2007

my new kicks. (:

nike shoes! :D

ace '83. those lil holes are all stars if u look at it closely.

nike fleet center slap. have no idea wat model is this.

nike dunk low cl jamaica black suede yellow.

nike dunk low cl white/white-varsity

nike dunk high premium bo knows.

some converse kind of nike shoes. lols.

*cheers. (:

dec 18th, 19th and 20th. those 3 days.

a picture to entertain yourself. (:

i went to some F.A.M. contract thingy. they sign players n all. yeah was quite boring n all. media ppl came. we prepared nike stuff for like 30 media ppl. and guess what? only 2 fellows turned up. how sad.
kay after tat went back office. i went christmas shopping for myself and my bro. yeap in office. when i went in all the cool stuff was gone d. sad mee. found something in the offic
ronaldo signed this thing man.this thing seems pretty heavy.

i prayed that we're gonna have sales again. and guess wat? GOT SALES AGAIN! so happy lah weih. anyways i bought another 4 pairs of shoes after christmas party in the office. its so happening in the office. had some super nice secret recipe cake. waa nice nice.. miss it man. anyways here are some pics of it.

this is Wan. the guy i assist in work.


early in the morning, i went all the way to pasar seni with church ppl to check out the place we're gonna have christmas party for the street ministry this saturday. sat lrt there. and. i saw GRAFFITI. its like msia has nice graffitis too. well i havent seen it before with my own eyes till now. i read in magazines. its somewhere in kl. but wow nice. and look its at a big longkang. haha i'll learn how to do graffitis some day too!

in the afternoon taught drums. then went to sunway! haha go asian avenue. cheap and reasonable stuffs there. and i went to church for JAMMING SESSION! finally a coloured word. so lazy to put colour lah. yeah Project Gsus. enough said.

*cheers. (:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

dec 19th and dec 20th. nike stuff for nike staff. (: awesome.

all i can tell u is. i shopped like crazy cos we had s.sales in my office. 6 pairs of new nike shoes. pretty nice huh. pics will be up soon. probably tmr. :D

Sunday, December 16, 2007

dec 15th and 16th!

dec 15th
okay early in the morning. i was rather happy cos i got my new handphone. (: that's why i have pics in my blog now! :D story of my day.
my mommy fetched me to church.

humans camwhored with my handphone.

and we went to one u after church.

and came to my house to eat big apple donuts.

dec 16th- children church christmas party!

raaaaaaaaaaaaa. my best friend. :D

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

dec 12th! :D

foooooohoooooo! i haven't been blogging cos was really really busy. it's like so cool cos i prayed that my time will be occupied by jus any stuff instead of staying at home. it's like i wake up wash up go out till night and go to sleep every single day. well of course do useful stuff lah. haha.

8th till 11th went for life at the cutting edge camp. and really i didnt expect camp to be so awesome. like one of the best camp. pr kevin from city harvest was really a good speaker and i really admire his faith in God. he lives his life in faith. no doubt bout it. i've learnt tat we gotta have discipline and sacrifice somethings in life to really serve God. i gotta be humble in life also. tolerate with your friends cos u can't expect them to be what u want them to be. yeah and lots more le. :D :D i miss camp d.

today went work d then went for dinner with church peeps like stephy, daryll, sarah, christine, joel, joy, shu jian, lydia, leroy and and.. should be these few only. haha ate at chillis. bad service. then chilled at my house awhile then all went home. awesome day! thank God!

hmm thats bout it. tmr gonna have some fitness first launching in klang so gotta wake up super early to go to work. hope i wont be sleepy. hehe nights ppl.

OH OH! I JUS SAW THE MOST CRAZY THING TODAY. the sickest mercurial vapour 4 boots which is not out yet. i'm like one of the firsy in msia to see it. its like purple and at the same time its black. it's just sick to see these kind of boots. ronaldo will wear it next year but he'll wear the orange one. the purple one is like the limited of the limited. gooossssh!

*cheers. (:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

dec 2nd. it was a tuesday.

as usual work was... pretty tiring and pretty fun? haha. yeah guess who i saw. i saw hannah lo. the girl from cornetto love perhaps according to wan and andrew. yeah she's some kickboxer. and damn she's hot. haha chinese ang mo-ish? she came to nike. i think is this girl. hot chick? (:

then i went for lunch in madam lim's and i saw the big guy from senario. i dunno wats his name but yeah the guy the hair quite straight one. lols.

then umm. i went for TREASURE HUNT! with all the std6 kids from church. yeah it was from curve to ikano to ikea. everywhere lah. but i went awhile then andrew paul. geez. he, well more like we forgotten to stick the stamps for jangan togel stuff. so i went all the way back to work just to help him. and some msian malay rockstar was there. he looks really familiar but i dont know wats his name.

anywaysss, 4 of us, andrew, andrew paul, wan and i carried all the boxes to post office. on the way guess who we saw.. CHONG WEI! haha the badminton player dude who looks like benjo. XD yeah imagine a badminton player wearing manchester united shirt. weird. benjo's twin brother.

yeah after went back treasure hunt with those kids. laalala didnt really follow em cos i was a lost shepherdwith no sheeps. hahaha.

after treasure hunt. i went to see carrie, shan, jeremy and esther to watch ENCHANTED. it's some twisted fairy tale with cinderella and snow white. and in the end they all switch partners. and they ALL lived happily ever after. AMEN! phew. haha it was too short lah that show. but it was good overall.twisted fairy tale. enchanted.

after the show went to laundry for dinner. i wan pictures! boohoo. bonding time with all my friends. honestly, i really miss those times when we were all so close weih. now it's like. sighs everyones busy n stuff. people change. well it sucks, but life's like this. oh well.. that's bout it lah.

*cheers. (:

Sunday, December 2, 2007

dec 2nd. drums!

my day started off like this. i cleaned my room. then i went to atria just to see nick's drum performance. he was good. really. haha.

and then on the way home my dad dropped me off the road to walk home cos he gotta go church for some meeting. saw aaron on the way, hopped on his car. and WOOOSH went to ou. went walk walk with his sis' friends from penang and him. then jom to curve. and i'm back now smelling all smokey-ish. i dont't smoke. i'm a good boy. :D

my other lil sister. (: