Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Is Rad.

Yes, I'm outdated. Follow me on twitter peeps. (:

Miley, show attitude somemore lah, tell your daddy. But I still like you lah. Why party in the U.S.A. ? Party in the farm in your hometown also nicer lah.

Carrie was telling JuLi and I how much she hates MileyCyrus' new song. That is why i decided to watch it on youtube. *piu piu piu!*

This is freaking dope. Starwars Lego Chess. got it from

Didn't go to school today, spent my day at Bucks (a new slang i learnt from SarahLee), JayaOne with Carrie and JuLi. Carrie is a genius in Sejarah, she knows every single detail in the form 4 and 5 book. But she's an awesome tutor seriously. Pretty darn good in explaining everything to me. Thanks for teaching me chapter 9 and sorry that i dissapointed you by getting 15 wrong. But if I get A for it in SPM I'd definitely bring you out for dinner.

Both of them were busy with their phones. Why? Blame tweeter. And you know lah they purposely show off to me their canggih phones. But somehow they got me into tweeter again, well I had it all along just that I don't know how to message people and I didn't really bother to learn how to do it so i just neglected it. Carrie taught me how to do it already so I'm gonna start tweeting and learn those stupid tweeter terms.

& she thinks that I'm so blonde that I think that NewMoon is coming out in SPM.

since few of you like my status in facebook. I'm going to post it up here too.
I said, " Okay facebook, I'm gonna face my books now. " I love talking crap, love. <3
Alright I'm going to focus on learning my drum parts for this week's ZC's songs.



Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boom. Zoom. Room.

art on my drumstick's nylon tip.

This post, will be about my room. Let's just say, I've been spending a lot of time alone in my room.

This is my room after during trials. "No air, no air." Chris brown sings, cos he came into my room and all he could breathe into his lungs was dust.

This is my room after trials. so much cleaner. I still breathe books.

Pimp my phone. It got all pimped and bimbo-ed up. Thanks SarahLee. (:

Why bum? Because B is for Biology and B is for Bum.
A cheap skateboard magazine which entertained me during the weekends.

My schedule for the week which is pretty impossible to achieve because i procrastinate too much.
& a lil art to blend in with my schedule for the week.

I must admit that i kind of wasted my whole holidays away. I really wanted to go on my hardcore routine of nerding up the whole week but i failed miserably and i only managed to finish one chapter of Sejarah throughout the whole week.

Can you all smell it? The smell of SPM's becoming stronger.

I really thank God because I got a call from HELP college and I'm being offered a scholarship to study in HELP. Everyone say woots woots. Not sure how many percent though but I'm really praying hard that it's full scholarhip, or not I don't think i'd be accepting it cos it'll still be a tad bit expensive for me. So yeap keep me in prayers. (:

So here comes another boring week of school, just getting back results and wasting our time away in school. "Here I go, to Taman SEA, when i try to let it go, cos it's my only my only one."

*vanwasere.countingdowntothedaystospm. (:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Me At Six.

@ live lounge yo. can't read my poker face. p-p-p-poker face.

Just discovered this band. & i think i just downloaded all their songs? You gotta admit their good.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

P h a t .

What do you call a Siu Mai on top of a Loh Mai Kai? yummyy.

A Loh Siu Mai Mai Kai!

I was flipping through a magazine in the bookshop the other day. This shocked me.

Kelly Clarkson. Not to be mean but, you were pretty darn hot when you were slimmer.

*vanwasere. (:

Happy Birthday, Again!

Eye Bags, Panda peeps.

Had a mini surprise party for Andrea at Tzeyi's. What a party animal, dreaa. One party after another.

Just the few of us that stayed back and chit chat to kill time. I drove woots!
Zhiwei. all burnt up.
Zhiyu and Tzeyi. looking all bubbly for the camera.
Me. looking fat, i mean phat!
Andrea. birthday girl who got all tipsy after drinking 7 shots before she came here.
Sophia and the whole girl gang were here to suprise her too but they left to the airport to send someone off. I want the group picture. (:

Life has been, not life at all. Something brought me down yesterday. like really baaam right in my face. Guess sometimes life isn't fair? Not going to leader's retreat and knowing that everyone had so much fun already brought me down so much. I don't know, I just question God. Just maybe try to understand how just too many things that happen at the same time and things that are due have to make this life of mine miserable. why?

sorry for the emo rant. I've been driving around quite a bit by myself and I like speeding. Playing need for speed got me into this. Speed oh speed, you won't know how it feels like till you actually do it. It feels awesome! But I'm pretty scared to speed when I have a passenger beside me cos I'd be responsible for your life.

Mom: Andrea, you sat in Ivan's car that day ah?

Andrea: Yes, aunty.

Mom: You seriously dare to sit his car ah? I'm sure you were praying really hard when you were in his car.

Me: -.-

So, anyone wants to sit in my white ferrari? (:

*vanwasere. (:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Andreaaa Geh.

Happy Birthday friend. (:

I'm glad that I made one of your dream come true, i guess? haha!

Anyways, it was good just spending the day with you and looking back and talking bout those days. We were pretty close already since back then. Those fat days of ours.

& you totally risked your life today by sitting in the passenger seat in my car all day. We almost made a close call to accident but seriously thank God.

Thank God for you in my life and yeah i totally brought you out yesterday cos I knew it was your birthday today.

Ugly Truth yeah. Stay single.

We shall not humiliate ourselves by putting up our fat pictures.

Okay, enough said. You're still awesome, but I'm awesome-r!

*vanwasere. (: everyonesaygeh!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


In church, I was wearing my white sweater.

Sara Pang : Ivan, are you cold?

Me : Well yeah? I can't give you my jacket cos my shirt says kiss me. & we're in..

*vanwasere. thankslimpeishanfortheshirt. &noi'mnotdesperatefromarandomsomeonenow. (:

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Just A Game We Play.

Exams oh exams, I have this love/hate relationship with exams. I detest it so much because it makes me suffer, yet I love it at the same time cos it teaches me to be discipline and at the end of the day i become smarter.

Exams' just like a game, a pretty dumb yet exciting and terrifying game that we all have to play in life. The worse part of it, we can't use cheat codes to skip a stage. Let me tell you how I view this whole process of exams.

STAGE 1-The Green Turtle.

This green turtle is like the daily homework and monthly test that we have in school. It hits you but it doesn't hit you real hard. You can kill it with just a shot after you get your flower power or you could just jump on it and it'll hide into it's shell and kill it by jumping on it.

STAGE 2-The Red Turtle with Wings.
This red turtle above is like the term test that we take. It attacks you, but to kill it, you've got to have some skill and hardwork to kill. So it's like we've got to study real hard just to kill these killer turtles.

STAGE 3-The Big Turtle aka THE BOSS. This is UPSR, PMR, SPM. The real deal and everyone will ask you for your results. So it's like if all of you are into supermario, you would ask each other if you have killed this boss or not. Requires a lot of effort to kill it cos it would not take a shot to kill it right away.
And once you've completed everything, guess what? You as supermario, get to jump onto a long flag to get some extra points and tadaa you finish the stage.
I was wearing my awesome supermario boxers. I think that's why i thought I was Supermario

Nintendo classic supermario.

But WAIT! Hold on. Because after you have completed everything, Nintendo will come out with a new SuperMario, and this is like heading to college for me next year. And the whole cycle goes over and over again, just like a steering wheel. Told you it's a stupid game we all play.

I grew up with Supermario. I can sing like the whole Supermario song too if you want me too. When I was in mommy's womb, she played Tetris and Supermario all day long just to kill time. I think that is why i have the skill now. So hey future mommy(s) in this world, if you want your kids to be smart, make sure you study hard when you're pregnant, it works, seriously.

*vanwasere. supermariorocks. (:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Dope Boys In The Building.

Black Air Force One's with the white socks.

some gangster rap to put in my blog just because part of me belongs to hip hop. After watching the video, I feel like going to OU soon to get myself a famous star and straps T-shirt, clothing line by Travis Barker. Man, I'm so gonna get one this week.

*vanwasere. (:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Physics !

Let me introduce you to my friend. His name's Einstein. He freaking made 3 principles and one more principle on energy transfer which's e equals mong cha cha and now we got to learn it in physics. what a bum.

I used to love physics so much till i thought i was to good at it and neglected it. Now it became my worse science subject. Thanks Einstein aka smarty pants who doesn't have anything to do and came out with stupid principles that saved the earth and made it a better place. I'll come out with Ivan's Law or Principle some day which will make everyone into X-Men and we don't have to study to become smart. Oh! maybe i should invent another atomic bomb, shoot from the plane (huiying.. haha you get me) and then cause radiation onto the whole earth and the earth won't be round anymore too but it'll be a shape of a monkey.

I'm going nuts.

one more week. anyone party on friday night? :D

*vanwasere. cursingeinstein. BLAH!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Mom, My Superhero-ine.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

I was too caught up with my studies till I forgot about everything else. "I just need some rest," the body says.

I was telling my friends at school that it was my mom's birthday. But but i forgot to wish her till like late at night after physics tuition. what a bum son.

I'm really proud cos I've got her as my mommy. She's the greatest woman on earth. & I wouldn't ask for more from her. Love you, mom.

Somebody call 911! no, not shawty fire on the dance floor. but it's cos today's 911 when America's World Trade Centre was strucked down by the terrorist. I stil remember clearly where I was on that day.

So, physics time! I really need God's wisdom to help me understand. Headache.

One more week of torture. 68 days to prison for one whole month.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

S I X .

Six is the second smallest composite number, its proper divisors being 1, 2 and 3. Since six equals the sum of these proper divisors, six is the smallest perfect number.

I'm going crazy. 6 more days of trials. One whole week to go. but i still thank God for everything. (:
Oh chemistry oh chemistry. I want you to be my cup of tea...

Monday, September 7, 2009

okay, I'm officially freaking out. God help me, please.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

How To Be A Nerd 101.

"STUDYING are for losers." quote Ben Siew.

Nerds read book on "How To Study" just because they don't really know how to study. Note the sixth edition, peeps.


TEEHEE. what a bum.

*vanwasere.nerdified. (:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I screwed up stupid english essay. sighss.
Patron Saint, are we all lost like you?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

b u b b l e g u m .

Brat Wannabe. :O
Okay, you've gotta admit this is the funniest thing you're ever seen.

It all started with Woon drawing a picture of an explosion. But no two jakuns named Ivan and Yujie thought it was a tree. So I drew a guy who got hanged (the one on the left) trying to imitate Banksy's art. google him. Yujie added a few heads on the right. & to top it off i drew two eyes and a mouth. Tadaaa this is what we get as the end result!

This is my room early in the morning.

Something sweet from someone sweeter? (:

2 days down, 2 and a half weeks more to go. big bum.

*vanwasere.bobbingtotravisbarkerXdjam. (: