Monday, November 10, 2008

Let me hear you say, " ARSENAL!!"

The commentor shouts, " and SAMIR NASRI SCORES A GOAL!!! " with Cesc Fabregas on the left.

It was after church. Bout 10+ humans came to my house to catch this match live. Bought stuff for steamboat from Giant. Steamboat with this soup from china called "Ma La" is the killer. Ma La means spicy numb, meaning when you drink this soup your tongue gets numb. That intense feeling, it's addictive. Only people who came to my house had tried this soup before and seriously it's the bomb. Get it from China when you go there for holidays.

I haven't watched football in a long time because of exams and all. And when i start watching again. I was happy. like this >>> :D

I was the only Arsenal fan among all of the Man U fans. I was the underdog i must say. But Arsenal won. woooohooo! After the match Zhiwei was like, " Eh everyone, throw Ivan down the building. "

It was an awesome match between Arsenal and Man U. I'm sorry if anyone hates me right now cos i'm an Arsenal fan. Teeeheee. Man U was definitely not on form. Rooney was shooting the football to mars in outerspace when he had a few chances. Samir Nasri did a great job. So did Rafael. After being substituted in the match, he scored an awesome volley. Nice goal indeed. Vidic blocking a shot from Samir Nasri.

I'm sorry boss. You're still the cutest uncle ever.
Note to Sir Alex Ferguson, Be careful with the chewing gum cos your cause of death might be: Choking on chewing gum.

Wayne Rooney — who has shaved his head more often than he has shaved the post recently — had his boots on the wrong way round.

Let me tell you how i became an Arsenal fan.

When i was standard 2 i think. Play Station 1 was the in thing. We were back in hometown playing that video console. And we played Fifa, i forgot which one was it. Then, Alvin my cuzzie selected Arsenal and Man u and put it in computer mode, when the playstation will play by itself and we just watch it play. I took an Arsenal towel and put it on my shoulder like Superman and Alvin took a Man U towel. And i remembered Arsenal scored the first goal and since then i became an Arsenal fan. And will always be even if they suck. If they suck, they'll still suck good.

*van was ere. (:

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