Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today Is Thursday And I'm A Free Man!

Didn't realise the picture was so dark, i'm lazy to take another one already laaah.
ANYWAYS! MY BK TEST IS DONE! And i don't think i did well lah. So yeah, finally it's HAPPY HOLIDAYS for me! :D umm wait nope, i'm gonna have a 3days job at jaya33 cos i'll be helping my mom's friend from 10am-8pm on friday-sunday. Find me! I've no idea what i'm gonna work as seriously. Hopefully it's not something like vietnam kitchen and God, let me enjoy it please. Amen!

Ma lil' cuzzies was at my home, hommies!
I'm just hyped up cos my exams are all done. woots~
See you at jaya33!
*vanwasere. (: i love my baby drums.


Mutemath is not an spm subject. If it was, make noise and you fail. :p

I'm in love with this band thanks to Sam.

*vanwasere. (:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


To.. Or not to? That is the question. Modern Drummer... or Bible Knowledge?

Having an exam on BK this thurs night and i get distracted really easily. God, save me. I've read through chap 1 till chap 24 in 4 days cos i've been really distracted by things around me. This is not good. I just started reading the answers for the book and am at chapter 5 now.

So i decided to clear my head off by taking a jog.
Nike Woman Air Zoom Moire + . yeaaah woman. :p

It's really dirty because i've been using it as my school shoes. Havent washed it before since i got it. Will wash it next week. :D

All the great things will come in December babeh. Why? Cos it always does. (:

*vanwasere. and he needs money. (:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nike Dunk Sb, my love.

I've been loving these 2 pairs of kicks for a very very long time. And when i went to streething forum to check just now. Boohoo it got me all emo-ed up. Anyone wants to donate me bout 500bucks? (: I'll say thank you to you, i promise.
Nike Dunk Low Pro Sb "Skate or Die". Die, Dieded, Deaaaad! :pNike Dunk Low Pro Sb "720 degrees". Just drool on those awesome colourways.
Coming Soon...
Nike Dunk Low Sb Mosquito! It'll suck you like how a mosquito sucks. Coming out tomorrow.
Buy me shoes.
*van was ere. (:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back To The Place Called Johor.

Ah Ma, Ah Gong.
The Lims. Always proud to be one.

I miss you, Ah Gong. Will be back in hometown for the weekend for grandpa's 100th day funeral ceremony thingy.
*van was ere. (:

Finally out of Hell's Kitchen!

Us fooling around with our ugly uniform.

It was the best day out of the 3 days of work for me because our manager wasnt around. Heard tons of things bout her but am not gonna blog it out cos she might prolly call ISA to catch me or something. Whatever it is, I'm just glad that i called the manager yesterday and officially told her that i quit the job. 3days and i can't take it anymore. Hey, i'm not choosy or whatever, try working in vietnam kitchen and you'll get what i mean. I don't mind working till i'm tired like a dead pig but just being pushed around too much for no reason. I'm still a human. If i did a mistake and get scolding, I'll definitely accept it. But if i get scolding for no reason, that's another story and you're the one in wrong not me.

Justice. I'm pretty sure that this word does not exist in Vietnam Kitchen, everyone working in the restaurant feels the same way. That's why i stepped out of that place feeling that i shouldn't complain bout life. Just this one particular person could give hell to someone, to all the workers working there. I feel sorry for em and yet i cant do anything.

Since it was our last day working, we decided to treat ourselves with a meal there although it costs quite a bit.

Yummy yummy yummy fooood!

Pei Wen. She's the Da Jie that really took care of us throughout these few days. She's really awesome! And guess what? We didn't expect her to pay for our meal and she didn't want to take our money. A blessing indeed! Now we're finding a way to repay her back. Any suggestion for a nice present to give to her? (:

Ah Tek. Nepal dude that taught YuJie some bad word. haha he's really nice to talk to.
Elly. always with a smile. like this :D She's the most patient of em all. Victor. the dude who's gonna quit soon, right victor? (: Babu. Mr Bartender.
Gokarna. American dude? :p His face says," I'm not a terrorist!" He's a good man.

once again, Elly!

i've been really close with these few through these few days. As you all can see i don't enjoy working here. The workers there are awesome except for that particular someone that everyone dislikes. I really hope you change to be someone who's not a two faced. You won champion for the biggest two faced person on earth. Congrats. I've never met someone like you before.

*van was ere. and glad that he has no more business with Hell's kitchen. (:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some 4 Angsana Thang. (:

On the last day of school we were just having some converse with each other and we were like, "How come our class outing never happened before?" So finally planned an outing at LiAnn's condo and we had tons of fun just bonding with each other.

My day started off with finding a job at OU with Woon and YuJie which was exactly one week ago and now exactly one week i've quit the job already. We were happy cos the pay was quite good but yeaaah, enough said. Just thinking bout that job over there makes me not wanting to live another day. Met up with Faiz and Hani after their movie. Bought some chicken and hot dogs for the BBQ session. Then, all of us met up in Jasmine's tower. (not Justin's tower, Hani)

Reached the place prolly bout evening after waiting for YuenLing to dry her hair. :p Played volleyball which was pretty fun cos we actually know how to play it. haha i never expect myself to learn volleyball ever, don't ask me why.

It was pretty hilarious when we played tennis. It was prolly my 2nd time playing it. The first time me playing that game is when i was prolly std 2..? When i was still using a kiddy racket. And some stupid small kid was shouting from his house,"taman sea sucks!" lols it was LiAnn's neighbour i think. So i shouted back at him, "I tell your mother ah!" haha. Do not have any pics cos huiying wasn't there till we started BBQ-ing.

We, Kids do now know how to start a fire. Took quite awhile to figure out how to start the fire. Some of us were just chatting around, just having fun around the BBQ pit, and some of us were busy marinating the chicken and getting our hands all dirtay. Oh yeah, and stuffing those chicken wings with satay sticks.Woon and I putting honey on the chicks and dogs after marinating it.Yummmmmy!Guess i was pretty fascinated with the whole BBQ thing. Clockwise, YiXian(in black), Faiz, Yujie which both heads cant be seen, and Parvin doing his thang.It was pretty darn hot.Thanesh aka Handsome god aka Tarnish aka Thanesha. The dude that has to bear with me throughout the year. :p thanesh, Acap, Woon. I'm happy when i see a ball. Acap. Pole. Yeah, you get what i mean. Wooooooooots.

Us swimming at 8ish. Coldddddd. Woon, Yujie, Acap, Van. Posing for the camera.

This shot is pretty gay.This one too. Maybe cos of Yujie and Woon. haha!

We're bringing sexy backsss.

Just thinking bout that day again, and i talk to myself, " you're gonna grow up with these kids man." Time really flies as we get too caught up with things in life. We're all getting old. So appreciate every moment of it before it's too late.

Credits to Huiying for taking all the pictures.

*van was ere. (:

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'll be drumming my days away. (:

I'll quit my job tonight and maybe i'll not work at all because most of the jobs in OU only want people during the weekend and i can't work during the weekend because i've got tons of church activities. That leaves me to one option, don't work at all. Boohooo.

sooooo i'll be drumming my days away..

To Ms Volcano, sweet of you giving me that call. Will look forward for you to come back from Aussie! :D

*van was ere. and jobless. (:

Friday, November 14, 2008

Appreciate your mommy's money, and your daddy's too.

I'm not looking forward for work anymore although the pay is good. I woke up this morning with my whole body aching. I've never worked so hard my whole entire life. Ivan says, "Even studying is easier than working." This working experience will motivate me to study hard and smart so that i'll have an easy job with easy money when i grow up next time.

VIETNAM KITCHEN. Delicious food. The food sinned against all the people serving the food. WHY? Because we were dang hungry and the all the food looks super delicious. No doubt why there's so many customers coming in during lunch and dinner break especially. The place is HECTIC, MAD, i say. I don't know whether to say it's worth working here or not. It's just to o tiring.

So kids of this corrupted generation, don't simply spend your parents' money please? Okay?

*van was ere. tireeeeeed for money.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Day.

... just because sometimes i'd be so free to walk to the mamak near my house to order a medium Nes-Lo ice to drink.

Woke up early this morning to get my hair cut at kim marie. Bathed, ate breakfast prepared by mommy. yum yum, met Sam and went to Kim Marie for our 25bucks haircut.

It wasn't the greatest though. It's just neat. Nothing more nothing less. Asked for an obvious Mo-Hawk like how i got it from Dry Cut at Bangsar last year but it didn't happen. ): There goes my 25bucks down the drain. boohooo. Sam just trimmed his hair. Like i said, nothing more nothing less and it's neater now. haha. I wanna go Dry Cut for my next hair cut. Anyone wanna come along? (: fetchmeeeee.

I look like some lala zai here man.

After getting my hair cut, headed down to Harmony in Uptown to get my drumsticks and my bro got all his guitar stuff like strings for classical, aqoustic and electric guitars. I dont understand guitarists like how guitarists understand drummers. Got myself an Adidas Deo cos Andrew broke my cologne bottle the other day. haha it's okay i don't hold a grudge on you.

My TY bear is called Champion. haha! 5AN drum sticks that burnt a hole in my pocket.

Went back to my house and became potato couch with these 2 jakuns. Watched Prison Break all day long. *coughsWentworthMillerisgaycoughs* It's a bloody violent show. I'm not swearing. It has lots of blood and tons of killing scenes.Samuel Lim Jin An. Andrew Paul Samuel. Posing for the camera eh? :p

What a gay day i had with these 2 fellows. haha.

Picked daddy up after his one day meetin trip to Johor. And i found one of those superdupersampat glasses he has. I've no idea why he bought it when he doesn't wear it at all.

Wo shi Ah Lim, Wo shi ge AH BIAO! Ni Hao. Ni Xia Si Wo lehhh. The "Ah Biao Lao Fu Zhi" look. haha.
I'm pretty tired after spending quite alot today. It's just another holiday day when i just waste my time away. starting work tomorrow so i'd be too tired. Will try to update as much as i can.
*van was ere. (:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ivan was bored, So Ivan became full of himself.

Ivan Ivan and Ivan..My I-Vans shoes. (: Rowley ya'll. Even my shoes has my name. I find my church wall fascinating. I thought that this was part of the artwork of my church building till i asked my daddy. Go find out what it is. haha if only my name was written on this big church wall. It'll be awesome. :D
Things i-do-before-i-sleep. Write my name. (:

Rainbow oh Rainbow. I like the Rainbow because it has RAIN in its spelling. I love the rain. ahh..
I've been eating junk food with my breakfast lunch and dinner. Getting back the tummy after i lost so much weight. ): Bearbrick Ivan. (: (do you see the 'I' on the bearbrick?)
On the 2nd last day of exams look what my mommy cooked for me, a delicious bowl of fried rice. (with the christmas song tune, what's the title?) with sejarah reference book. (: my room during the exam period. I was just spring cleaning on the second last day of exams. Happy that its cleaner right now. (: A cold slurpee in the best thing one can have during a hot day. Even the colour of my slurpee is the colour of the Sun. So that makes me hot after drinking it. :p Rocking with Nike Sb "old spice" that keeps me going, yeah walking i mean.
I've been eating junk food with my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Getting back my tummy after losing so much weight.
CAMWHORE!take #1. take #2. take #3.Let me give you the "I'M-A-PRO-BALLER-SO-DONT-MESS-WITH-ME" look.The headband was for me to keep my fringe up after my bath.

... & i'd be wearing bright yellow pants and electric blue colour singlets when i'm drumming.

*van was ere. (: