Saturday, November 8, 2008

On a HOLIDAY! *and greenday continues playing the song*

I think if someone takes my picture in school everyday, it'll turn out the same everyday, something like this *points up* just look at tianxing's evil laugh. :p and my oh-so-sexy table.

Blogger isn't being nice with me because i can't upload and picture except for the one on top. iish. ANYWAYS, as we all know exams are finally, like really finally finale finals DONE! I'm just glad that i can close this chapter of my life after one month of nerding my butt off with the books. I sleep with books all over my bed. Maybe that's how i get knowledge into my head. You really don't wanna step into my room during my exam period. It's as if my room is Hiroshima or Nagasaki that got bombed.
Enough of exams. That four letter word had been running through my head for the past 2 months. Since it's holidays, i don't wanna waste my time off doing nothing too right? This holiday is just a break off from the books. 2 months break.. what should i do?
*practise my drums till i get my one foot double kick done. I've no idea what is it called.
*find a job. God need to help me in this cos i really need money.
*why do i need money? nooo not for shopping. i spend my money wisely. It's to get my double pedal which cost at least 1k.
*read a story book? YES ENID BLYTON! :D
*drums drums and drums.
*sneakers sneakers and sneakers.
*for those who are reading this. i need drumsticks cos i broke all of mine. ): boohooo.
To everyone: Don't go wasting your holidays away, use it wisely. Don't spend your time dota-ing or on the comp. cheers mate! :D
*van was ere. (:

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