Thursday, July 24, 2008

ivan was here. (:


Thursday, July 10, 2008


like ben said, " God is looking down from heaven smiling at you, Siufai. "
Siufai just went to aussie for his studies(aussie stealing all my friends away!), he is the one who i look up to. hahaha literally look up. lols joking but i look up to him as my leader. i've learnt so much from him and he had guide me through my life. he definitely had touched my life and is part of my life. i really want to be like him. a God-loving child of God. all the best in your studies and i'm already missing you and your presence here in malaysia! continue to touch other peoples life's like how you've touched mine without even touching it! :p ROCK ON FOR JESUS CHRIST!
*cheers. (:


denise bought me this pair of drumsticks! happy me! :D

why I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL? inspired by britney spears. the song has been running through my head for the past few days. this is the last post for today. i don't think i'd be blogging for quite some time as July is gonna be one heck of a busy month. i've got performances this month normally. yeah on the drums, in school. all kinds of installations for monkeys are coming up. i'm a tired boy. i love drums. heck yeah i love it. love is a strong word. i need more time, less homeworks to spend time with my beloved drums. trusting in God to help me improve so much more.
thanks nise. (:

*cheers. (:

happy birthday kor kor!

Isaac Lim Huan-Wei. a smart comp business student geek who doesn't look like one. i've been growing up with him since i as born. he has been always the big brother and never fails to be one. no one can ever replace him. EVER! i've learnt so much with him and without him there's definitely a spot in my life that needs to be filled. i rely on him so much and he's always there for me no matter what happens. i appreciate my kor so much and although we do quarrel a lil bit, i mean if siblings dont fight with each other then there's a problem between them already. heh. anyways our quarrels usually die down after at most maybe... 10 mins? i love him cos he's patient with me, always tolerating with the annoying me and giving in to his younger brother. his birthday was on 3rd of July. late post! once again...

had a birthday surprise for him after surprising him at the western food place.
second birthday surprise...
*ring ring ring* kor opens the door.

SURPRISE!!! and he sees PURDY! and the rest of them! happy happy joy joy!

homosapiens who loves him. :p

peace, my brother!

*cheers. (:

We're not all blacks. We're ALL BLUES! :D

okay, this is a rather late post, but it's better late than never right? i've lost touch with blogging in a long time due to going out too much and the mountain piles of homework i get everyday. it's insane i tell you. cut the crap.
sports day, it was my first time getting so involved in it. i joined the marching team and we WON! we did the haka dance and we freaking won! 2 weeks of hard training. credit all goes to ENG EU! he qualified to be the most fun commander in marching. seriously. go meet him, he's pretty awesome. i had tons of fun and thanks to all blue house members! we're so gonna have a big celebration with the money we won. woots ya'll. end eu is the dude doing the punching fist. (:

trophies trophies here we come!

*cheers. (: