Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some 4 Angsana Thang. (:

On the last day of school we were just having some converse with each other and we were like, "How come our class outing never happened before?" So finally planned an outing at LiAnn's condo and we had tons of fun just bonding with each other.

My day started off with finding a job at OU with Woon and YuJie which was exactly one week ago and now exactly one week i've quit the job already. We were happy cos the pay was quite good but yeaaah, enough said. Just thinking bout that job over there makes me not wanting to live another day. Met up with Faiz and Hani after their movie. Bought some chicken and hot dogs for the BBQ session. Then, all of us met up in Jasmine's tower. (not Justin's tower, Hani)

Reached the place prolly bout evening after waiting for YuenLing to dry her hair. :p Played volleyball which was pretty fun cos we actually know how to play it. haha i never expect myself to learn volleyball ever, don't ask me why.

It was pretty hilarious when we played tennis. It was prolly my 2nd time playing it. The first time me playing that game is when i was prolly std 2..? When i was still using a kiddy racket. And some stupid small kid was shouting from his house,"taman sea sucks!" lols it was LiAnn's neighbour i think. So i shouted back at him, "I tell your mother ah!" haha. Do not have any pics cos huiying wasn't there till we started BBQ-ing.

We, Kids do now know how to start a fire. Took quite awhile to figure out how to start the fire. Some of us were just chatting around, just having fun around the BBQ pit, and some of us were busy marinating the chicken and getting our hands all dirtay. Oh yeah, and stuffing those chicken wings with satay sticks.Woon and I putting honey on the chicks and dogs after marinating it.Yummmmmy!Guess i was pretty fascinated with the whole BBQ thing. Clockwise, YiXian(in black), Faiz, Yujie which both heads cant be seen, and Parvin doing his thang.It was pretty darn hot.Thanesh aka Handsome god aka Tarnish aka Thanesha. The dude that has to bear with me throughout the year. :p thanesh, Acap, Woon. I'm happy when i see a ball. Acap. Pole. Yeah, you get what i mean. Wooooooooots.

Us swimming at 8ish. Coldddddd. Woon, Yujie, Acap, Van. Posing for the camera.

This shot is pretty gay.This one too. Maybe cos of Yujie and Woon. haha!

We're bringing sexy backsss.

Just thinking bout that day again, and i talk to myself, " you're gonna grow up with these kids man." Time really flies as we get too caught up with things in life. We're all getting old. So appreciate every moment of it before it's too late.

Credits to Huiying for taking all the pictures.

*van was ere. (:

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