Saturday, May 30, 2009

Do the D.A.N.C.E.

My Fav Picture During That Night. (:

I don't think i'd be coming online that often during this coming week cos of the renovation in this room and my dad just told me his computer is pretty screwed up now. Gives me a reason to go Andrew Paul's house more often to online, yes?

Like every holidays, I'd be spending it with my friends everyday just to catch up with them, like Mangkuk Suetyun who's my holiday kaki-lang. Haven't seen her in ages man. And I really want to make the best out of this holidays, especially with you. :p

Anyone has a one day part time job to offer me? Or anyone wants to learn drums from me? :D

Holidays for 2weeks is not enough. I need to party longer.

random fact: I have bookophobia and examophobia.

*vanwasere. &i'llbeback. terminatorstyle. (:

Skinny Jeans.

Meet my skinny jeans, Skinny Lim.
Skinny Lim's name tag.

Soooo, the question is, "Is it a Rempit thing to pull off this jeans?" Hate me Love me, like how britney spears sings (i quite outsdated lah cos i just listened to the song on radio yesterday), I'm still gonna wear this pair of jeans. It was on offer PLUS the fitting isn't that tight compared to other skinny jeans that i've tried on. It's more of a slim jeans. I've worked hard for this pair of jeans man and my hard work paid off.

Next on shopping list: Red checkered shirt. You're shopping with me for it right, Sarah? (:
I can't seem to leave a space when i publish this post unless i space it in Edit Html, how?

*vanwasere. (:

Boom Boom Pow!

Song of the week for me: Boom Boom Pow. I've a huge secret crush on Fergie since I was young, and now it's not so secret anymore.
Woke up early in the morning to go for this extreme challenge by ClubEd at Sunway college with Yilin, Sam, XinHui and Sarah Lee. (: It wasn't that extreme except the fact we got to have stamina to run back and forth many times. All I can say, great exercise for the legs and I had some great time just spending the morning with my friends.

Church was tiring for me because of not resting after the competition. The first thing when i saw ZhiWei at church, I told him, " I need to go shopping!" I realised that I don't have anymore nice clothes in my cupboard and i really wanted to get a pair of jeans.

Headed to Cha Cha Pan Mee at Aman Suria after church for dinner. Tasty and resonable price. Planned to go to OU for Terminator Salvation and SHOPPING! :D Retail therapy for me after my exams is goooood for the soul.

Zhiwei and I, tried a couple of jeans andd *Drum Rolls*, we got ourselves each a pair of Skinny Jeans. I guess the price is kinda reasonable so yeah we just bought it anyways. Will leave it for the next post.

Went to Mosin for a drink and headed back to OU at 12ish for the movie. I don't fancy popcorns.
Terminator Salvation, other than the action, the story line was kinda boring because I haven't watch the others. Fell asleep through the movie even though we were sitting at the very first row. I don't reckon you to watch this unless you've watched the rest of Terminator movies or you're up for some action with robotic and shooting sounds cos the movie has full of these stuff. I have a new room mate. And she's big. My room's pretty messed up again cos i was transferring my drums for the guest room to my room. Gonna start renovation in the guest room on Monday so I won't be able to use this room for one week. This gives me a reason to study and get off the computer.

*vanwasere. (:

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day!

Recycled Beats Crew invaded Taman SEA's hall and we had a blast. The group consist of Sam, Peishan, Andrew, Sabrina, Melvin and myself. Why recycled beats crew? Just because.. ask me to find out lah.

As I grow older, I finally understand why on earth we need a teacher. I know most people would not agree with on this about the need of a teacher. There's just some teacher that are like ughh, and I'm sure all of us have alot of em. But oh well, what to do. Just suck it in even if you feel like smacking them in the face.

It had been the best teacher's day in my five years in Taman SEA. Pn Harminder actually cried when she thanked us & i reminded her that she showed us all her cl*avage on the very first lesson during form 3. Good ol' times. I'd definitely miss some teachers in Taman Sea. Mr Zol, we might pissed each other's butt off every single day but I know you love me lah. To the rest of the teachers that I've met through these 5 years, just wanna say thanks for everything and i appreciate every single thing that you all have taught me.

Pictures will be up when i receieve it from everyone. So to everyone who has Teacher's day pics please send it to me through msn. (:

Our video will be up too when HuiYing(my biggest bum in life) uploads it. :D

*vanwasere. (:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hallelujah. :D

Fat is Phat. (:

I barely slept at school just now even though i was dang tired. Skipped class and went to the hall to past time. This week has been an awesome week. Tiring and awesome.

Had driving lessons and i drove all the way to KL i think? It was an hour drive from my house and that's the place I'm going to take my test. So faaar. Nenlin lah gave me this contact. :/
Mercedes Kancil Benz.
The funny looking tree.
My ear keeps bleeding, keep keep bleeding blood. Infection from piercing. ):
Tonight, no its not the night that i'll for you. But BLOGGER BOY is on 8tv. Sam had been reminding me to watch it. Honestly, we're still talking bout Kami cos i think it's really a show that relates to the youth of this generation.
I've no idea what blogger boy is about, just went to their website. The actor and actress are kinda... old? But i sure do hope it's an interesting show. Tonight 9.30pm on 8tv peeps.
Blogger boy i think?
ABU aka Nas T. One of my favourite m'sian actor. Really funny dude. When i saw this picture, the art behind caught my attention.
This girl, I'm just too lazy to go their website to find her name.
Watch it tonight to know more about it.
Teacher's day tomorrow and me and a couple of friends are doing the first and last STOMP performance in school. We're not known as "Ivan and the stomp out loud" which was given by the prefects. Pretty lame name and it ain't original.
Recycle(d) Beats are us. Why? Just because I recycled beats to be used in this performance. Gonna bring the school down.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LikXiang's Surprise Party & Champions League.

This is what you get as your handphone's wallpaper when it's not in your hands.& I brought my Lego to school today to play.

School was rather tiring cos WE were dancing our butt of before recess as the rehearsals was going on. Spent all day there. Melvin's phone got stolen, cut the whole long story short, didn't manage to find it back. So peeps, when you bring any valuable stuff to school, make sure you take good care of it.

Mr Zol and I pissed each other off, as usual. Headed to Andrew's house with sam after school and we've got a new tune. :D We watched Paramore, our inspiration.

Fell asleep in his house and i was so blur that my dad was outside waiting for me already for don't know how long. Wanted to sleep again but then i remembered about Lik Xiang's surprise BBQ party. Called Lemuel and went out again

With all the party hats, winnie the pooh, batman, smiley face etc. We surprised him(i guess). Had some great time just hanging out and talking and eating. I'm so getting fat man.

Victim no 1, gone.
Victim no 2, also gone.2am, went to Aman Suria's Kayu to watch this match with Zhiwei, Zhiyu, Jon, Gab, Joel, Vignesh, Likxiang and his cousin. Everyone hates me cos I was with Barca. I'm sorry lah, My hero Thierry Henry was inside so i just gotta support them. I'm still with Arsenal even though they're trophy-less.
It's 5.42am and I'm going to school later, with my blue pillow. Time to sleep for half an hour and get zombie-fied when I go to school later.
*vanwasere. (: &i'mgonnamissyou.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MC, Anyone?

Since I'm up early in the morning cos I fell asleep really yesterday night, I've decided to blog. Was planning to do my one month due add maths tuition homework but got caught up with the computer.

So anyone wants this letter? I typed and printed 7 of 'em so that my teacher won't call my parents today.

Off to school, another day in the hall.

Coming up, RECYCLE BEATS. :D be excited. & don't skip teacher's day peeps.

*vanwasere. (:


Attack of the Lego.

So what's new?I cleaned up my room and it's super super clean now. Got a board from Ikea which i wanted for quite some time and now it's in front of my bed. I just finished a packet of Bytes in 5 minutes.

I took out my lego to play cos i was too bored and imagined them as lil' Sarah Lee(s). :p
I changed my blog skin cos i got bored of the black one, nice?
I'm gonna exercise now, just because I'm fat.
*vanwasere. (:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

SarahLeeHuiYi. (:

Who's she? Look at my friend list, find SarahLee(: and click on her.

Happy Birthday, Miss I-Cause-Volcano!

She's just awesome, too awesome. Through this one and a half year that I've known her, she's the one that have been really picking me up when I'm down with encouragement and just being here for me whenever I need someone is the best gift from God. Even though it has been only a short period of time that i've known you, i know that there's still alot that He has plan for us in this journey. Sharing the good times in life together with you and the blessing of texting and being able to call you anytime got us really close together, yeah?

I believe that we've still a long journey ahead and I truely thank Him for putting you in my life. It wouldn't be the same.

I don't wanna write much here cos I'd save it for another one.

No pictures here because all the pictures are all over people's camera in the world.

P/S: Is Lil' Miss Volcano fine under your good care? I love Romeo. Give me your toy poodle please and thankyou? (:
Her ponytail.

*vanwasere. (:

May 23rd Was, Is & Is Going To Be An AWESOME Day. (:

It started off with morning. The alarm rang at 9.30 in the morning for 10mins before i turned it off. Was really tired cos I played a round of Dota after many many months. Don't get me wrong, I'm not starting that game again, just having a bonding session with bro and friends. Defeat was the word.

Anyways, rushed to clean myself up, realised my hair looks really cool in the morning cos it's a natural mo-hawk. But decided to put a lil wax to it to work against gravity on the hair.
"Oh Gravity, is working against me. And gravity wants to bring me down." John mayer sings. Ate breakfast and headed to BeeYen's for add maths cos I wanted to rest my mind a lil yesterday. It's kinda cool when the BeeYen's students in my class says, "BeeYen's". It's like "William's" mamak or something which has an identity of their own. Sat for a test, left question one and two blank cos I've no idea how to do. Saranya and Henna were there too so we kinda discussed.

Headed back home after tuition to get ready for church. Was looking through my piles of clothes to see which shirts and pants i should wear. Bathed and put on my black checkered pants and Zildjian shirt. Felt under dressed though. :/ Before i headed out, Daddy said,
"Did you bring extra underwear?" i checked my plastic bag to double check and told him i've already put it in.

Cell group was alright, Purdy led the group again. Headed down to the Main Sanctuary for briefing. Oh yeah, the extra pair of underwear was for my baptism. :D

Taken from Sarah Ong's blog.

If you're wondering why this picture is here, it was during YBMEW, which stands for youth baptism membership encounter weekend. These are the only pictures in my computer that's related to the baptism of mine. haha.

I GOT BAPTISED TODAY! The water was cold. What's baptism about? Why is it necessary or is it even purposeful to do this thing? The answer is yes, and it's stated in the Bible. To me, baptism means that I really want to live my life as a Christian and get serious with God. I come from a Christian family and normally would think that I'm a Christian since birth. It doesn't go that way. It doesn't mean that if your parents are hristians and you're a christian too. They don't make the decision for you to be a Christian. It's your decision. And taking this road in life is not an easy road, instead it's gonna be harder. But i believe that my reward is in heaven and I'm in this world just for some time. It's nothing compared to eternal life.

For those who supported me and congratulated me, THANK YOU. God is just so awesome.

Andrew Paul, kawan baikku gave me this sticker and i was overjoyed man. Killer Gerbil? Singapore's graffiti artist. Been checking out his art for quite some time on streething and his website. He's really good.

& after church, my mommy and daddy fetched me and my friends called, Sam, Andrew, Huiying and Carrie to Sarah Lee's crib. (:

*vanwasere. (:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Marabahaya! Satu Kertas Lagi!

One more, just one more to go.
It has been a crazy three weeks. I've never looked forward for a day so much than tomorrow, seriously. And tomorrow is the killer paper. Paper 1 made me lose all my self esteem already. But but, tomorrow's the day to look for! Plus it's all gonna end before recess! There goes my misery.
If you all don't know who's this leng zai up here, he won american idol just now. We had people telling us who won in school during recess. But I still like Jason Castro laaah. >.<

Listening to one of my favourite Malaysian band, Pop Shuvit. They're awesome. Make us Malaysians proud. (: I just cant wait to shout...


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dumb or Stupid?

Honestly, I'm feeling both now cos of mid terms. Nothing to regret though, but to learn from it. I can't even finish doing my physics paper one. Four more days till I'm free from this feeling, just for awhile till the next one hits me again. ):

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just One More Week, One More I Repeat.

I googled "BIO" and this came out.

I like spiderman. Been the superhero that I really like since i was a kid. Although he don't have many powers other than his spidey web, I still like him. Red and Blue goes well together, I just realised.

Okay, jus sat my Bio paper and i only know how to do like half the paper. Pn Cheung ahh.. Next week will be my worse nightmare which is Chemistry, so i'm gonna start nerding on it. One more week, it's just mid-terms i keep on telling myself.

So, one more week of...

And I'd still be... ... just a lil cooler.

Sarah Lee's birthday party is coming soon. (: and i just saw Zhiyu outside of my school.

Currently listening to:


*vanwasere. (:

Monday, May 11, 2009

um ?

My Bible's cover since I was standard 6.

Sejarah is History! So glad that it's over and for whatever results i get i'll still thank God even though i know only like half the paper. :/ 8 more days of test to go and i'm a free man!

Since i'm not having any test tomorrow, i've decided to clean my room.

From this...

And after one hour of cleaning...

My bed was in the toilet since there was no space to put it anymore.
Tadaa! Clean-er room.
Yeah i've have an intesresting room, full of adventures. it's always messy and when i feel like cleaning then i'd only clean it.
Don't ask me when was the last time i cleaned my room before this. It was filled with dust and lots of books all over that i didn't even have space to walk. Even found a dead rat with a cockroach in it's mouth. KIDDING. :D
Can't take a picture of myself cos i haven't put anything on my hair for one whole week except when i went to church the other day and it's really in bad shape now.
For now, physics tuition.
Do continue to keep me in your prayers, would really appreciate it.
*vanwasere. nosmileysyetcosexamsarenotdone.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Love You, Mom.

I really don't know what to say to my mom, words can't express this feeling of mine.
You're the greatest mom in the whole universe that i could ever ask for.
I know my life wouldn't be complete you, Mom.
Al I can say is " I Love You. "
Thank you for loving me and making my life complete.

I thank you Lord for giving me, my mother.

*vanwasere.andloveshismomwithallhisheart. <333

Friday, May 8, 2009

I am not looking forward for another exam paper...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Eye + Van = Ivan !

I miss my kor kor, alot.

Can't wait for you to come back on June 22nd. (:

And gahh detest exams. Like Henna said, " I hope i could die for one month and wake up after that. "

But I should take it as a stepping stone, and not a stumbling block, cos i know i wouldnt grow or become smarter if there weren't exams in this world. So, thank you.

Just have to go through and not give up because of sejarah. Detest detest. Everyone should stop studying sejarah now to make me feel better. Kinda gave up on it but will try to continue to cramp everything in my head in one day. God help me.

Even through all these not-so-fun stuff happening in my life, there's still God giving me His Word everyday and I truly thank God for Him for assuring His grace and love for me.

Really really need prayers through these 3 weeks as my exams start on Wednesday. Thanks!