Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SUNDAY, in OU, theplacethatmakesmesadcosican'tbuyanythingfromthere.

It was a day out with Kirsten Ann Tan Sin Nee. She has a loooong loooong name. The last time i saw her was in... Planet Shakers? Which was like half a year ago. So since i've got so much free time everyday and we've been planning to go out for quite some time and it always never worked out. hahaha *blameyoukirsten* , finally had a chance to go out with this budak nakal. Budak Mata Besar. Always bullying me.

We watched this pathetic, sick and just plain wrong movie, My Best Friend's Girl. It was really wrong and i don't think a girl would fall in love with a guy who claims himself to be an a**hole and earns money by breaking girl's heart. haha don't watch it.We went to support Miss Kim Lah for the 50 Most Gorgeous People of Female Magazine. Suddenly found some picture of Kim in my computer. haha. Woohooo go Kim! You the HOT stuff! Presenting to you, Miss Gorgeous herself.

It was a long long time agoo.

Saw a number of familiar faces throughout the day. Sometimes i just wonder, "so nice meh come to OU?" when i myself go to ou to waste my time away. heh. I had fun spending quality time with mui. Will be looking forward to see you again, kid. :p And yes we forgot to take a picture.

*van was ere. (:

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