Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ivan was bored, So Ivan became full of himself.

Ivan Ivan and Ivan..My I-Vans shoes. (: Rowley ya'll. Even my shoes has my name. I find my church wall fascinating. I thought that this was part of the artwork of my church building till i asked my daddy. Go find out what it is. haha if only my name was written on this big church wall. It'll be awesome. :D
Things i-do-before-i-sleep. Write my name. (:

Rainbow oh Rainbow. I like the Rainbow because it has RAIN in its spelling. I love the rain. ahh..
I've been eating junk food with my breakfast lunch and dinner. Getting back the tummy after i lost so much weight. ): Bearbrick Ivan. (: (do you see the 'I' on the bearbrick?)
On the 2nd last day of exams look what my mommy cooked for me, a delicious bowl of fried rice. (with the christmas song tune, what's the title?) with sejarah reference book. (: my room during the exam period. I was just spring cleaning on the second last day of exams. Happy that its cleaner right now. (: A cold slurpee in the best thing one can have during a hot day. Even the colour of my slurpee is the colour of the Sun. So that makes me hot after drinking it. :p Rocking with Nike Sb "old spice" that keeps me going, yeah walking i mean.
I've been eating junk food with my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Getting back my tummy after losing so much weight.
CAMWHORE!take #1. take #2. take #3.Let me give you the "I'M-A-PRO-BALLER-SO-DONT-MESS-WITH-ME" look.The headband was for me to keep my fringe up after my bath.

... & i'd be wearing bright yellow pants and electric blue colour singlets when i'm drumming.

*van was ere. (:

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