Thursday, May 29, 2008

double benjo cheese made my day. :D

and this is what happened after physics tuition. headed to uptown with denise and jess. i was craving for burgers since monday. had no idea why but yeah. and everytime i come across big andrew(gingerfish) blog, i see a double benjo cheese burger. i asked my bro what is it and all and yeah i finally tried it. i'm a sad fat boy eh? ><
the dude that makes SUPER AWESOME AND YUMMY RAMLY BURGER!I'm in love... with yummy food. (:
denise played ridge racer on my psp. she's... not really good at it. :p
*saliva comes out from mouth.*
this is how you eat a burger part 2.(part 1 was in denise's house.)
step 1: open the double benjo cheese burger.
step 2: adore it.

step 3: use your hands even though it's dirty or after you came back from physics tuition or whatever cos this is how actually a typical malaysian should eat. like that only got more taste ma. :pstep 4: before eating, if anyone annoys you from eating, ask them to quieten down cos you gotta have some personal time with your food. ( i was saying something like BOOM or something when denise took this shot.)

step 5: take a bite, put it down. then adore it again.

step 6: take a picture of it.
step 7: after taking a picture. take another bite. BIG MOUTH ONE!
step 8: i look horrible in this but whatever. i'm happy. when you make good double benjo cheese burger. you get a happy customer like this. *points below*step 9: eh? how come finish already one?
step 10: after finishing everything, lick the paper wrapping cos you know kids from other countries dont have food to eat and you're here to waste food. nahh it just taste too darn good.

kopi-peng!come come i show you magic, i can make my glasses change wor. :pthis is some good sh*t. (:

*cheers. (:

it's a thursday people!

i had a long long day today. i've been telling myself that i gotta finish at least one story book during this hols. but nooooo i've been going out so much. i'm enjoying almost every single moment of this hols so far. it was like yesterday is just monday and now it's already friday. time really flies. like flash weih. lols.
i started off the day off with jogging with jack early in the morning. i gave up easily after 3 rounds around my housing area. i'm a fat boy. gahhh. then off we went for bk lessons. was dozing off when pn julie was teaching.
i took this disgusting shot of my leg during tuition. it's not infected with any disease. it's just that. you know when you sit on the chair for a long time and somehow the blood and the skin i don't know? then tadaaaa! you get something like this. heh. after bk, went to dentist to do some stuff on my tooth. as i was heading home, saw this light shop. i met you sandy(peitsen) yesterday! haha and i thought bout you when i saw this. :p you're in england not though. booohooo, you're supposed to put me in your luggage bag.
after dentist, went for physics tuition at edusmart and i sat waaaaaaay at the back with nick.
we got bored so we drew the table. i know this is a tad bit gay but nick was the one who added the ICK after my name. :p
okaaaay, see next post for after physics tuition. :D
*cheers. (:

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

happy birthday ms shivani.

this is the only picture i had from the party. ): visit sarahlee's blog for more pictures!
it was wednesday, i had a rather tiring day but it was good. went for add maths after years of not going for that tuition. was super rusty in counting numbers already. went to andrew's so that i can teman sam and shawna for lunch. plans was to go to western food ended up in ming tien thanks to sam. pfft.

AND AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIVANI! went to her house using my bro's gps system on his phone. it's a cool thing. heh. had fun there. am sick now. dentist appointment for one hour now. ahhh. i'm tired. pics will be up soon i guess. :p

*cheers. (:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i'm back from seeing blinking lights in kuala selangor.

yeah i'm back. i'm tired. weee~ people is gonna blog bout the trip anyways. haha i shall blog bout it some other time i guess? i'm not in a mood now. *yawns* fireflies weren't the main highlight of the trip though. it was kinda boring cos i thought to myself, why not off the lights in your hall and put on those christmas lights and set it into blinking mode?
to miss carrie, do you know whats fireflies already? :p funnnnyyyy.
you like jazz? *says it with a nice slang yo.* (:
*cheers. (:

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

mini andrew's birthday gift from big andrew(gingerfish).

this picture was taken before before school on the football night. it was kind of a bad shot as we were rushing for school but heck yeah it's a nice pair for shoes. just putting em on for less than one minute makes me go crazy. goooooossssssssssshhhhhhhhh!


it was my first time attending teacher's day. "why go there waste time?" as most people would say. well... umm..? i had a different purpose to go to school? naah. i'm just a good boy. and i performed for the teachers. just doing em a favour after years of teaching. i kinda just fit in for the krs(i'm not a krs for goodness sake) for yanshan, hongchun and pendek daniel. we did okay. not the best but it was clean. quite good achievement for people who haven't even played together once and one day of practice. it can be better though. we performed kenangan terindah by samson and no one by alicia keys. now no one's lyrics is stuck inside my head, and i only can sing the "no one no one no one aa aneeeee! " that's all i know. heh.
went to stephy's house by cab and walking after i missed the stupid yellow bus to curve. i thought i went into the wrong house. :p with the ong's sisters and leroy, we went to cineleisure for iron man. i still think that spiderman can win him. do u realise that all superheroes used to be timid lil guys? most of them. even the hulk is some skinny dude that transforms into a monster. and spiderman, a nerdy dude. same goes to iron man, i didn't know his story till i watched the movie. it'll be cool if i had all the ancient marvel comics. it definitely cost big bucks now. the movie overall. funny. that's all.
after the movie we headed down to kl for beef noodles for dinner at like 11-ish. denise, siufai, ben and daryll joined us. LARGE wantan noodles with minced beef on top plus cham(mixed) meat balls and beef meat in the soup. nice. it was really jam. but it was worth going. came back home and took a cold shower and fell asleep in my oh-so-comfy bed. (:
*cheers. (:

blogger is not being nice with me.

okay i've been trying to upload pictures for the past two days. and nooo non of the pictures are uploading. i've no idea if it's my internet that's slow or just this stupid blogger. hmm.

it was one awesome night. just spending time with the other dudes, yujie, jiaeu, dinesh, kevin, jack,my bro and of course mini andrew in andrew's crib. most of them stayed up all night watching. my bro and i fell asleep though cos the match was a tad bit boring. didn't have much action, quite dissapointing. i said i was wearing an arsenal shirt in the previous post right? haha nope i didn't manage to get an arsenal shirt. ): boohooo instead i wore a man.u shirt with ANDREW at the back of the jersey. pics will be up soon. *coughsronalsdosuckscoughcoughcoughCHOKES!* he freaking missed a penalty for goodness sake. ahh well, player of the year eh?
after the match we decided to do some morning exercise by playing football, yeeeaaaah early in the morning playing football making so much noise outside. bathed, brushed our teeth, put on our deos and we headed for school. SCHOOL I TELL YOU ONE MORE TIME. all of us went to school except for andrew the lazy pig. i bet all the other dudes were sleeping in class the whole day. i went to the hall for rehearsels on teacher's day. it was a darn tiring day.
came back home and slept till 7.30pm and i thought it was friday already. i asked my bro twice some more. :p it was funny. heh it was a good tiring day. (:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

now this is funny.

when i opened my msn, i called the other 2 jokers over to see what this joker wrote to me on msn. XD
it's like 12.51 am now and jack is over here with my bro playing some childish drum game on the psp after finish playing bioshock. what a scary game. am heading down to andrew's soon to watch the match between man.u and chealsea. i'm gonna wear an arsenal shirt! be true to your football club yo.
*cheers. (:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

goodbye ol' drums, hello new drums!

i haven't even thought of a name for my drums and i sold it away. well, i sold it away cos my mom said it's taking up too much space. so i had to change to a smaller set. i paid for it. (: now you know that i don't simply spend on stuff. told ya'll i'm a good boy.
my messed up computer room.
can u spot the hidden mickey? no? it's right in your face. :p
transporting drums to another new owner.
the empty spot ready to be filled with another new drumset!
and here it is! the second tom got stolen. heh.
*cheers. (:


this was quite a long time ago. it was right after my exams. it was stuck in my draft cos i was kinda lazy to upload the rest of the pictures.
SOO.. this is what happened. headed down to johor cos it was ah gong(dad's side) brithday. he's getting old though. i had a great time just spending time with my relatives. i can have so much fun with them every single time. ahh awesome times!
this is my ah gong and my orange-haired ah ma! my superheroes yo! :D day 1
at the rest stop there. mommy doing her thing.
there's alot of fruits at that place. big one for small kids. :p
small one for big kids. (:

went to this place called SWEET DYNASTY(tang shui ba) for dinner.
day 2
went to ah gong's house. my cousin had this big bb gun. i accidentaly shot my leg with it when i shot the wall. ):
the best for ages 18 and up. younger than 18 years old not so best lor.
night time, went to my uncle's house to celebrate ah gong's bday. did something different as my ah gong can't really move much anymore. lil couzies playing ps2. game addicts. gaming is in my family's blood. like seriously.
gotta post this up again cos if it wasn't for them. my dad wouldn't be here, but most importantly, i wouldn't be here too. :D

ginseng as a present for long life!
all of us cousins cramped into one room to sleep together.
day 3
play psp again!one of my cuz took this shot.

elaine sleeping already. alvin playing game on the comp. it's like everyone is having a game console to play every single time when they're not eating or sleeping.

breakfast from yesterday's leftovers. i've been eating so much. i probably might only start my diet plans when i'm 20years old. this is good sh*t from johor! fried sotong, otak otak, prawns, bbq chicken wings, fried chicken wings etc etc. SUPER YUMMY UNHEALTHY FOOD! :D headed down to my mom's side. my uncle's furniture shop. sounds really technology eh?
it's a really nice place.

this shelf caught my eyes. i want it in my house!!
went to gong gong and po po's(mom's side) at night. bro, dad and mom in the picture.
uncle at the right, daddy at the left.
went back to my granaunt's( gu po ) house at night. my lil cuz, jared is soooooooo cute!

playing angels vs devils. it's a game where you can use either a baby angel or baby devil to kill your enemies. violent lah these kind of games.
louis on the right, jared on the left. gaming is really in our genes.
day 4
headed back home. daddy taking out the stuff. heh. this trip down was.. FATTENING! heck yeah that's the right word. i've got this nike shirt which says, " EAT, SLEEP, GYM. " but it's more like " EAT, SLEEP, PLAY " for me. i told my bro and few of my friends that if i stayed in johor for one month, i'd turn into an obese. there's too much good food over there. once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AH GONG!

*cheers. (: