Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a school post.

superman. (:
okay so this is stuff i do in school. i've got tons more of pictures but thanks to Liann's high resolution pictures, i don't ave the patience to upload it cos it takes too long. credits to Liann for bringing her camera to school everyday so that i can take pictures of stuff everyday in school.
stress stress! chemistry quiz! lol who took this? i was happy looking at someone's butt. most probably the butt belongs to woon.
i was amused by this during assembly. i saw a praying mantis eating another green bug in a yellow flower. not bad shot eh? yeap i got passed the teachers when i took this picture. my school shoes for this week is like that.
i saw 3 dudes walking on the lrt rail. we were waiting for a lrt to come actually...
last last last week i think.
this idiot got interviewed .

i have a cool bio teacher who watches hannah montana.

yeah school is like jail. even the doors look like it.ah well i took quite long just to upload the pictures. enjoy. (:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dining with Denise. (:

an awesome day with Denise.
after church yesterday,Denise brought me to go mum-mum. we planned this weeks ago already and yeap it happened. and i can tell u all from my heart. i had one of the best time just learning the word of God from her.
Denise is someone whom i really look up to. In this phase of my life, she has taught me lots of stuff bout life. i've really learnt so much from her and it's really a blessing just to know her in my life. i really can't express how much i appreciate her u know. so Denise! you've been the best sister to me!
".... and let's turn to the book of Galations."
me and denise. (:
the funny pastor.


Friday, February 22, 2008


me on dentist's chair.
i've been going to dentist for like 5 or 6 weeks in a row already cos i have to do some nerve treatment on my tooth or gums. i had a bicycle accident when i was std 2 so yeah now only doing the treatment.
before i went to dentist... i saw a car beside my mom's car that looks like this.
ate western food for lunch before heading to dentist.
woots pose pose! i so wanna go out later at night.
oh oh! another thing. my school had founder's day today. the scouts and girl guides paid tribute to this dude who found today? my story on founder day was.. this guy name FOUNDER, got lost in the jungle during a scout's camp. So everyone is still looking for him, yes his name is founder. Everyone thinks he's dead right now but nooooo i say, he's still alive just that u gotta look for him. so have u found your founder? a lil story to entertain yourself. :p
*cheers. (:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

finally, chinese new year comes to an end.

hey-o peeps! as we all know today is the last day of chinese new year. it's chap goh meh and happy chinese valentines day everyone! so finally i uploaded my pics to the comp. all bout my cny. from cny eve till today. woots let the pictures do the talking!
chinese new years eve.
it all started with a bright sunny day.
psp gathering with all my cuzzies this year.
reached johor. went for lunch with my mom's side. bro in pink shirt. dad in white.
my gong gong and poh poh! love em. (:
the three cuzzies on my mom's side.
poh poh says: " sayang ah sayang"..*pinches lil cuz's face.*
don't u just wanna pop this thing?

reached my dad's side. eat, sleep, gym? eat, sleep, eat for me on cny.
the dinner on cny eve.
after dinner, we went to the sea side. crossed the line where we shouldn't supposed to be.
ini gang ape? lol.
soft toy.
found a picture of my dad and my mom in my grandparent's place. i think the picture at least 15-20 years already.
cny day one(i think)
bro. his usual messy hair.
cny day two.
went to funfair with my cousins. bumper cars. 4 bucks for 2-3 mins. burn your money bumping cars..
i love ferris wheel. i don't remember getting on one before.

woohoo the spin spin thing!
the atmosphere.
angelina jolie looks horny.
u know the put it money thingy and hopefully u get money in return game that mr bean plays? this is the one. classic.
cny day 3.
woke up. played dota. meet alvin my cuz.
then we went to kukup, a fish village. and i turned this egg thingy! 50 cents per egg.
big kids small kids all betting in mahjong.
look at the youngest one. he's only like 8 or 9 and he's betting with all of em. bully small kid's money lah.
benjamin my cuz.
alvin aka yong zong wei. X)

alvin and me got bored. soooo... we builded twin tower!

*pokes pokes*
found my family photo.

alvin's creation.

woohoo. look at the lil bdaman! made from mahjong by alvin.
my grandma makes the best wu xiang(five spices) ever!
johor's sweet loh bak ko. they have their specialty too. tomato wan tan mee! don't have a pic of it. it's like chinese spaghetti though.
cny day 4. i think i lost count already.
my oh-so-cool orange-colour-head ah ma!
ah ma and ah gong! she gave me 200bucks for pmr! :p
gong gong and poh poh!
my aunt and uncle.

after lunch we all went to ioi mall for arcade. and i found this on a wall.
this weird guy tried to teach me how to play rock fever when i'm hundred times better than him. i even took a video of him playing. weird! my bro and i seriously wanted to whack him up already.
rock fever.
went to my grandaunt's house. u know those mcd cute sesame street soft toy they had like probably 10 years ago? my aunt had em all.
the next day.. i know i went back home on sunday. lols.
my dad.

my bro.
me. habit of biting stuff.
stop and stare. JAM!
stopping and staring! STILL JAM!

end of my johor journey. the jam was so bad till a 3 hour journey became like 6-7 hours. screw some police for doing some stupid stuff when they're not supposed to. my cny was kinda quiet. didnt spend a single cent on fireworks this year cos my cuz said we're all grown up. haha guess we didnt wanna burn any money anymore. i am missing all of my cousins right now. and ang paos. ><>
bro came home to fetch me to go shopping and look at how he parked my dad's car. it was like less than 1cm from the wall. he did it 3 times that day. gosh.
at night. went to purdy's to bai nin and eat dinner. denise and daryll camwhoring with my hp.
and paos? yes i love ang paos. (:
on feb 13th. celebrated my dad's so called bday(feb 14th) in some satay place cos he wanted to eat.
and we sat on the table sampat!
practically this whole week i've been nerding myself with books. today finally finish exams! woots! everyone needs kickapoo cos it brings joy to u! u seriously need it when u're studying u know.
yeah my bday. presents anyone?

on saturday celebration. Denise Lah: "grrr.. i'll bite u! "
waisan and me. habit oh habit. biting fingers.
and guess what my best friend andrew paul got me for my bday? A STREETHING SHIRT! i really wanted to go for the "all in the family"event but i didn't manage to go.like oh my gosh. my beautiful yet disturbing shirt.
okay i've still got like a few more pics but i'm just too lazy to edit the whole thing again. my chinese new year this year was satisfying. ang paos was good. i'm glad bout everything in life now. all i need now, NEED! a pair of shoes, a new drumset, and more clothes.
once again, HAPPY CHAP GOH MEH!
say bye-bye to ang pao season. :p God Bless!
*cheers. (: