Monday, May 11, 2009

um ?

My Bible's cover since I was standard 6.

Sejarah is History! So glad that it's over and for whatever results i get i'll still thank God even though i know only like half the paper. :/ 8 more days of test to go and i'm a free man!

Since i'm not having any test tomorrow, i've decided to clean my room.

From this...

And after one hour of cleaning...

My bed was in the toilet since there was no space to put it anymore.
Tadaa! Clean-er room.
Yeah i've have an intesresting room, full of adventures. it's always messy and when i feel like cleaning then i'd only clean it.
Don't ask me when was the last time i cleaned my room before this. It was filled with dust and lots of books all over that i didn't even have space to walk. Even found a dead rat with a cockroach in it's mouth. KIDDING. :D
Can't take a picture of myself cos i haven't put anything on my hair for one whole week except when i went to church the other day and it's really in bad shape now.
For now, physics tuition.
Do continue to keep me in your prayers, would really appreciate it.
*vanwasere. nosmileysyetcosexamsarenotdone.

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