Monday, May 4, 2009

Eye + Van = Ivan !

I miss my kor kor, alot.

Can't wait for you to come back on June 22nd. (:

And gahh detest exams. Like Henna said, " I hope i could die for one month and wake up after that. "

But I should take it as a stepping stone, and not a stumbling block, cos i know i wouldnt grow or become smarter if there weren't exams in this world. So, thank you.

Just have to go through and not give up because of sejarah. Detest detest. Everyone should stop studying sejarah now to make me feel better. Kinda gave up on it but will try to continue to cramp everything in my head in one day. God help me.

Even through all these not-so-fun stuff happening in my life, there's still God giving me His Word everyday and I truly thank God for Him for assuring His grace and love for me.

Really really need prayers through these 3 weeks as my exams start on Wednesday. Thanks!



sara leong said...

And I will keep you in prayers then! (: All the best!! You can do it! *hugs*

sarah said...

you know your mom told my mommy that you posted a super long post for your bro. hehe :) your "bro-ness" is really one of a kind, ivan.

ivan(: said...

saraleong: thank you so much! :D

sarah: bro-ness. heh nice way to put it. i can still remember the day when i was typing it out. he's coming back soon. yay! (: