Saturday, May 23, 2009

SarahLeeHuiYi. (:

Who's she? Look at my friend list, find SarahLee(: and click on her.

Happy Birthday, Miss I-Cause-Volcano!

She's just awesome, too awesome. Through this one and a half year that I've known her, she's the one that have been really picking me up when I'm down with encouragement and just being here for me whenever I need someone is the best gift from God. Even though it has been only a short period of time that i've known you, i know that there's still alot that He has plan for us in this journey. Sharing the good times in life together with you and the blessing of texting and being able to call you anytime got us really close together, yeah?

I believe that we've still a long journey ahead and I truely thank Him for putting you in my life. It wouldn't be the same.

I don't wanna write much here cos I'd save it for another one.

No pictures here because all the pictures are all over people's camera in the world.

P/S: Is Lil' Miss Volcano fine under your good care? I love Romeo. Give me your toy poodle please and thankyou? (:
Her ponytail.

*vanwasere. (:

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