Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LikXiang's Surprise Party & Champions League.

This is what you get as your handphone's wallpaper when it's not in your hands.& I brought my Lego to school today to play.

School was rather tiring cos WE were dancing our butt of before recess as the rehearsals was going on. Spent all day there. Melvin's phone got stolen, cut the whole long story short, didn't manage to find it back. So peeps, when you bring any valuable stuff to school, make sure you take good care of it.

Mr Zol and I pissed each other off, as usual. Headed to Andrew's house with sam after school and we've got a new tune. :D We watched Paramore, our inspiration.

Fell asleep in his house and i was so blur that my dad was outside waiting for me already for don't know how long. Wanted to sleep again but then i remembered about Lik Xiang's surprise BBQ party. Called Lemuel and went out again

With all the party hats, winnie the pooh, batman, smiley face etc. We surprised him(i guess). Had some great time just hanging out and talking and eating. I'm so getting fat man.

Victim no 1, gone.
Victim no 2, also gone.2am, went to Aman Suria's Kayu to watch this match with Zhiwei, Zhiyu, Jon, Gab, Joel, Vignesh, Likxiang and his cousin. Everyone hates me cos I was with Barca. I'm sorry lah, My hero Thierry Henry was inside so i just gotta support them. I'm still with Arsenal even though they're trophy-less.
It's 5.42am and I'm going to school later, with my blue pillow. Time to sleep for half an hour and get zombie-fied when I go to school later.
*vanwasere. (: &i'mgonnamissyou.

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