Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hallelujah. :D

Fat is Phat. (:

I barely slept at school just now even though i was dang tired. Skipped class and went to the hall to past time. This week has been an awesome week. Tiring and awesome.

Had driving lessons and i drove all the way to KL i think? It was an hour drive from my house and that's the place I'm going to take my test. So faaar. Nenlin lah gave me this contact. :/
Mercedes Kancil Benz.
The funny looking tree.
My ear keeps bleeding, keep keep bleeding blood. Infection from piercing. ):
Tonight, no its not the night that i'll for you. But BLOGGER BOY is on 8tv. Sam had been reminding me to watch it. Honestly, we're still talking bout Kami cos i think it's really a show that relates to the youth of this generation.
I've no idea what blogger boy is about, just went to their website. The actor and actress are kinda... old? But i sure do hope it's an interesting show. Tonight 9.30pm on 8tv peeps.
Blogger boy i think?
ABU aka Nas T. One of my favourite m'sian actor. Really funny dude. When i saw this picture, the art behind caught my attention.
This girl, I'm just too lazy to go their website to find her name.
Watch it tonight to know more about it.
Teacher's day tomorrow and me and a couple of friends are doing the first and last STOMP performance in school. We're not known as "Ivan and the stomp out loud" which was given by the prefects. Pretty lame name and it ain't original.
Recycle(d) Beats are us. Why? Just because I recycled beats to be used in this performance. Gonna bring the school down.

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