Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day!

Recycled Beats Crew invaded Taman SEA's hall and we had a blast. The group consist of Sam, Peishan, Andrew, Sabrina, Melvin and myself. Why recycled beats crew? Just because.. ask me to find out lah.

As I grow older, I finally understand why on earth we need a teacher. I know most people would not agree with on this about the need of a teacher. There's just some teacher that are like ughh, and I'm sure all of us have alot of em. But oh well, what to do. Just suck it in even if you feel like smacking them in the face.

It had been the best teacher's day in my five years in Taman SEA. Pn Harminder actually cried when she thanked us & i reminded her that she showed us all her cl*avage on the very first lesson during form 3. Good ol' times. I'd definitely miss some teachers in Taman Sea. Mr Zol, we might pissed each other's butt off every single day but I know you love me lah. To the rest of the teachers that I've met through these 5 years, just wanna say thanks for everything and i appreciate every single thing that you all have taught me.

Pictures will be up when i receieve it from everyone. So to everyone who has Teacher's day pics please send it to me through msn. (:

Our video will be up too when HuiYing(my biggest bum in life) uploads it. :D

*vanwasere. (:

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