Thursday, March 19, 2009

To The Place Of Peace-To-The-Haven.

I had gay day with Andrew today. Tried uploading the pictures from my phone but the stupid connector ain't working. I need a new phone gahhh. Amithab Batchan! Watched that scene from Slumdog Millionaire cos i love it. haha! An episode of Entourage and Guitar Hero on his Nintendo DS. I have a natural talent for video games. LOL. And had fun playing his new toy that's living under his roof, A Ddrum drums. :D Sofie from KAMI, was the one that got me into malay chicks. Sam quote, "Basically girls who are tanned are all hot lah." I agreed. But we definitely can't categorise it like this. Some chinese chicks are tanned too. :D Andrew Paul and I was just going through random blogs and we found out that this Sofie, Juliana Sophie bt Johari Evans is Bis Andrew's(Gingerfish) friend. I think? yes yes or friend friend. haha. She's even hotter right now but she's like 21? Bah Bah brown sheep boooo.

Will be heading to Genting for three days cos of a std 6 camp. I really do hope I have fun. Ahh well God will lead me through.

I miss you, alot.

*vanwasere. (:

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