Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello, Puberty! SHINE Camp.

Luke 11.34
" Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are good, your whole body also is full of light. But when they are bad, your whole body also is full of darkness."

Something Happens In Everyone.

On March 20th, Ivan Lim reached Peacehaven. The ride this time was rather short cos I slept throughout the journey.
Someone left the Bass drum and Speakers in the middle of the road. Scenery of the cold place.
Ian teaching about puberty with the boys. " We are MEN! *everyone shouts HOK!(or however you spell it)*
Bahh bored.
It was games time and this was Sereena's station. Made em do all kind of weird poses and freeze so that i can take a picture of em.
Mr worm a.k.a Chong Chong. My phone has no macro mode but it focused really good, just not on the right thing. Not bad eyhh my phone.
Campers after formal night. Getting ready to watch "I not stupid".

This boy here, he's the cutest boy ever. He played so much and he was seriously dang tired. He was having his dinner, chewing and munching down the food as his mommy fed him, then he fell asleep. WITH THE FOOD INSIDE HIS MOUTH! X) and according to his mom, it was the first time that happened. lols.

Bad picture. ): We gave them GSC tickets for Blessed draw!
I didn't take much picture cos i was too tired and everything was too rush. I don't even have the camp picture. When i get it, I hope i'll remember to post it up. That's all for now. tu` raaa.
*vanwasere. (:

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