Monday, March 16, 2009

Fuyoh, KAMI!

" Hidup ini memang palat, tapi esok masih ada. " totally agree with it.

You might ask me, " eyh, why you watching malaysian films? " To all the malaysians especially chinese one out there, why do you all think that malaysia films suck so badly? That is the question to ask yourself. I bet 90% of you all who said that haven't even try watching a film, show or movie produced by our local peeps around and made a conclusion that these kind of films suck big time.

Sam lend the DVD to me, yes he was the one that got me into more of the local scene that's happening around us. And i must admit, after watching this show, i became a lil more patriotic bout this country that i'm living in. He bought the whole series and movie, original to be more specific. haha! And i've never regretted watching this show.

The show related to me somehow, what's happening in my life. They're also (acting) as form 5's, facing their spm days and there's lots of things they face in life which most of us teenagers are facing now too especially in M'sia. I don't think many of us realise that we're even facing the problem of our own and we just live a life with no meaning at all at times. to read more bout the preview of the show, you should go to

These 5 teenagers, Abu(Dragonred's turntablist and a local DJ, according to Sam), Ali, Sofie(the really hot one), Lynn and Adii are the main casts of this movie. It's a story of friendship, music and how 5 of em go through life together by supporting each other even though they face much conflict in life. The bes part of it are those indie bands in M'sia. I've never go against our local music scene before. It got me more pumped up to listen to more local music when Pop Shuvit really caught my attention since i was maybe, form 1? I used to watch lots of Hitz tv and they do put local bands MV. Bands like, seven collar T-shirt, Estrella, One buck short are pretty good themselves. Teenagers nowadays should watch this show to know more bout what's happening around lah really. So watch kay? You won't regret.

The best part of it is, the directors lives in the same road as me and my mom teaches their daughter tuition and her daughter comes to my apartment to play in the playground quite often. I've been playing in the basketball behind my house since i was like standard 3 and it appeared in one scene too. heh! Watch it and you'll know what's the story bout lah, NenLin will be the next one watching it! right right? :D

Friendship and music. That's life. (:

*vanwasere.indiemusicrocks! (:

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