Friday, March 27, 2009

L License

I camwhore when i'm bored.

It was Thursday.
I decided to skip school for the stupid boring bengkel. Went to my piggy bank and took out this amount of money. Yes, i pay it by myself cos i wanna drive soon lah.

BORING bengkel class that kills you cos it's so boring.

The only book i brought was my devotion book cos i was having my breakfast then my driving instructor called me. So this was the only book i managed to grab. When i turned to this page i think bout my hot friend, Sarah Lee. Don't drink too much kay?

Had Roti Canai for breakie.

My gangster looking punya IC.

Lunch that costs rm4.80 cos i added an egg and it wasn't delicious and it costs me one buck for it.

Emo punya weather.

The guy doing his thang, explainin how to park and 3 point turn and the slope which scare me cos i don't know if i can do it. ):

Back to the class cos it rained. So basically, i kinda stayed in the class bout 5 hours. It was THREATENING.

Found junk in my house called NINI.

And we all know this earth hour programme is being held tomorrow all over the world. Malysians, celebrate just about anything lah. Pretty good and bad too. It's about bringing awareness to the world on how important is saving electricity and by turning off our lights for one hour will probably, yes probably make a change in our habit of wasting electricity. I'm in the computer room and the lights and fans in my room are all switched on. wooops. During that one hour, go to the park and have fun with your friends and family yeah? That's what my apartment is doing tomorrow.
Was suppose to do my BK test at home cos i missed it last week but was kinda distracted by the computer. Guess I'll only be doing it when i get back from PD. Sorry teacher!
Will be heading to Port Dickson tomorrow and I'll be seeing you. (:
*vanwasere. (:

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