Monday, March 23, 2009

Huiying's So Gay That She Turned Into A GIRL.

My present from Miss Sarah Lee Hui Yi. :D
This is my bestfriend. ChinHuiYing. How she became my best friend? She disturbs me in class and has made, is making and gonna make my life miserable till the end of age. Joke!

Trying to act cute.
I was sitting beside her during tuition then I was like, " Huiying, you're so gay that you turned into a girl. " Then i was like " Eyh, take few pictures of yourself so i can blog bout you and I'll write the title as what i just said. " HAHA! So this is how her pictures got into my phone. Known her since form 1 and then we just got closer cos we spend so much together even though we don't want but just happened to and there you go, our close friendship. :D

Rocking with Vans and the ZooYork checkered pants. :D

... dang, I've gotta see Huiying at school tomorrow.

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