Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Passed My Undang! & I'm Hungry Now.

Yeap I studied all week for it and i got only a 43/50 cos i asked a girl for answers and the girl failed twice. How smart of me. Lesson learnt, DONT CHEAT!

Had a really hectic day, woke up at 5.45am cos my body clock isn't working so well. Got ready and then Mr Ng, my driving instructor called and said that the centre will only open at 12.30pm. So I procrastinated, tried to sleep again. Studied a lil more and waited till 12.30pm. Morning was gone just like that. Took the test with two other BU3 girls which i didn't get their names. One of em got 47 and the other one failed twice. To cut things short, i was quite unlucky to get a hard test but thank God i passed it. Only that matters. (:

Came home to take a quick shower and headed to Beeyen's, my fav tuition teacher :D for add maths. Took a test. I'm gonna flunk though. Came home to wash my face and rushed to Pn Zabariah's tuition at 7.30pm. Totally forgot bout it. Boring boring after that came home for CSI. Potong steam, i think this is gonna be the starting for the highlight case for this season. CSI alway put you in a condition when you get all suspense and they end the episode, leaving you hanging. This can be called, "STEAM POTONG instead of potong steam."

I almost forgot to blog this, SOONENLIN! My biee. :D You deserve a post on my blog lah next one.

Been listening to new bands lately, bands that i've never heard of. Listening to The Maine now. They're music's good. And this is one of the best songs ever. I can headbang to this song when I listen to it everytime.

My favourite hot friend is back from clean land! I know you missed me! :D

*vanwasere. (:

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