Sunday, March 8, 2009

Piet Mondrian is Love.

Nike SB Piet Mondrian Size 8.5/9 is to die for.Steam Sial. Someone get these for me pretty pretty please? I was checking out pictures on flickr the other day, just random clicking then i clicked on this Tony dude, the one that bought a Flickrt pro account for kirsten i think? who has really nice pictures too. And he owns a pair of VANS Piet Mondrian. I don't think malaysia has this pair? *drools*

Decided to google up his name and check out some of his artwork.

I really really really really love this shirt. Wear this shirt, a black pants so that you'll focus more on the shirt, a checkered boxers, a pair of Nike SB Piet Mondrian with your hair spiked up... and there you have, A Masterpiece.

I think girls who are daring enough to wear these kind of stuff and manage to pull it off and not just wear the same ol' boring stuff everyday really have a sense of fashion. (:And here you go, Piet Mondrian. Itu dia. Simplicity is his art work.
*vanwasere. (:

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