Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Guess who's back?

back again.

IVAN s back.

Tell a friend.

heck yeah i'm back. I haven't updated blogger for like what.. let me see *one two four five nine years..?* forever laah. :p it's alright, i'm back now from nerding myself with books for mid terms and i know it's time to relax. study hard and play hard. to be honest with you, i'm actually finding it hard to use blogger now. i'm just glad that exams are over. i've got tons of things to blog bout. just that i still dont understand why cant' i upload my pictures faster instead of waiting.. and waiting.. and waiting. the weather has pissing me off lately. i want the rain to come. ah well, i'm back and thats what matters most right? :p

cheers* (:

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