Thursday, May 29, 2008

double benjo cheese made my day. :D

and this is what happened after physics tuition. headed to uptown with denise and jess. i was craving for burgers since monday. had no idea why but yeah. and everytime i come across big andrew(gingerfish) blog, i see a double benjo cheese burger. i asked my bro what is it and all and yeah i finally tried it. i'm a sad fat boy eh? ><
the dude that makes SUPER AWESOME AND YUMMY RAMLY BURGER!I'm in love... with yummy food. (:
denise played ridge racer on my psp. she's... not really good at it. :p
*saliva comes out from mouth.*
this is how you eat a burger part 2.(part 1 was in denise's house.)
step 1: open the double benjo cheese burger.
step 2: adore it.

step 3: use your hands even though it's dirty or after you came back from physics tuition or whatever cos this is how actually a typical malaysian should eat. like that only got more taste ma. :pstep 4: before eating, if anyone annoys you from eating, ask them to quieten down cos you gotta have some personal time with your food. ( i was saying something like BOOM or something when denise took this shot.)

step 5: take a bite, put it down. then adore it again.

step 6: take a picture of it.
step 7: after taking a picture. take another bite. BIG MOUTH ONE!
step 8: i look horrible in this but whatever. i'm happy. when you make good double benjo cheese burger. you get a happy customer like this. *points below*step 9: eh? how come finish already one?
step 10: after finishing everything, lick the paper wrapping cos you know kids from other countries dont have food to eat and you're here to waste food. nahh it just taste too darn good.

kopi-peng!come come i show you magic, i can make my glasses change wor. :pthis is some good sh*t. (:

*cheers. (:

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