Tuesday, May 20, 2008


this was quite a long time ago. it was right after my exams. it was stuck in my draft cos i was kinda lazy to upload the rest of the pictures.
SOO.. this is what happened. headed down to johor cos it was ah gong(dad's side) brithday. he's getting old though. i had a great time just spending time with my relatives. i can have so much fun with them every single time. ahh awesome times!
this is my ah gong and my orange-haired ah ma! my superheroes yo! :D day 1
at the rest stop there. mommy doing her thing.
there's alot of fruits at that place. big one for small kids. :p
small one for big kids. (:

went to this place called SWEET DYNASTY(tang shui ba) for dinner.
day 2
went to ah gong's house. my cousin had this big bb gun. i accidentaly shot my leg with it when i shot the wall. ):
the best for ages 18 and up. younger than 18 years old not so best lor.
night time, went to my uncle's house to celebrate ah gong's bday. did something different as my ah gong can't really move much anymore. lil couzies playing ps2. game addicts. gaming is in my family's blood. like seriously.
gotta post this up again cos if it wasn't for them. my dad wouldn't be here, but most importantly, i wouldn't be here too. :D

ginseng as a present for long life!
all of us cousins cramped into one room to sleep together.
day 3
play psp again!one of my cuz took this shot.

elaine sleeping already. alvin playing game on the comp. it's like everyone is having a game console to play every single time when they're not eating or sleeping.

breakfast from yesterday's leftovers. i've been eating so much. i probably might only start my diet plans when i'm 20years old. this is good sh*t from johor! fried sotong, otak otak, prawns, bbq chicken wings, fried chicken wings etc etc. SUPER YUMMY UNHEALTHY FOOD! :D headed down to my mom's side. my uncle's furniture shop. sounds really technology eh?
it's a really nice place.

this shelf caught my eyes. i want it in my house!!
went to gong gong and po po's(mom's side) at night. bro, dad and mom in the picture.
uncle at the right, daddy at the left.
went back to my granaunt's( gu po ) house at night. my lil cuz, jared is soooooooo cute!

playing angels vs devils. it's a game where you can use either a baby angel or baby devil to kill your enemies. violent lah these kind of games.
louis on the right, jared on the left. gaming is really in our genes.
day 4
headed back home. daddy taking out the stuff. heh. this trip down was.. FATTENING! heck yeah that's the right word. i've got this nike shirt which says, " EAT, SLEEP, GYM. " but it's more like " EAT, SLEEP, PLAY " for me. i told my bro and few of my friends that if i stayed in johor for one month, i'd turn into an obese. there's too much good food over there. once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AH GONG!

*cheers. (:

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