Sunday, April 20, 2008

why exams why?

hey peeps, i haven't been updating my blog cos i didnt want to touch the comp till exams are over. but... i think i'm kinda failing to even discipline myself to study. God, save my soul. do remember me in your prayers so that i'll be a good boy and study. i will enjoy after my exams that is on... may 16th! heck yeaaaaaah come on come on can't the time just skip till may 16th? God why can't these kind of things happen? u know why ivan? cos it's part of life. ah well...
i've been checking out shoes. anyone wanna follow me to showroom after exams? :D there's a buy one free one for nike sb. check it out! and and... i don't like exams.
i love my mommy daddy and korkor!
cheers* sadly.

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