Friday, May 23, 2008


it was my first time attending teacher's day. "why go there waste time?" as most people would say. well... umm..? i had a different purpose to go to school? naah. i'm just a good boy. and i performed for the teachers. just doing em a favour after years of teaching. i kinda just fit in for the krs(i'm not a krs for goodness sake) for yanshan, hongchun and pendek daniel. we did okay. not the best but it was clean. quite good achievement for people who haven't even played together once and one day of practice. it can be better though. we performed kenangan terindah by samson and no one by alicia keys. now no one's lyrics is stuck inside my head, and i only can sing the "no one no one no one aa aneeeee! " that's all i know. heh.
went to stephy's house by cab and walking after i missed the stupid yellow bus to curve. i thought i went into the wrong house. :p with the ong's sisters and leroy, we went to cineleisure for iron man. i still think that spiderman can win him. do u realise that all superheroes used to be timid lil guys? most of them. even the hulk is some skinny dude that transforms into a monster. and spiderman, a nerdy dude. same goes to iron man, i didn't know his story till i watched the movie. it'll be cool if i had all the ancient marvel comics. it definitely cost big bucks now. the movie overall. funny. that's all.
after the movie we headed down to kl for beef noodles for dinner at like 11-ish. denise, siufai, ben and daryll joined us. LARGE wantan noodles with minced beef on top plus cham(mixed) meat balls and beef meat in the soup. nice. it was really jam. but it was worth going. came back home and took a cold shower and fell asleep in my oh-so-comfy bed. (:
*cheers. (:

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