Thursday, May 29, 2008

it's a thursday people!

i had a long long day today. i've been telling myself that i gotta finish at least one story book during this hols. but nooooo i've been going out so much. i'm enjoying almost every single moment of this hols so far. it was like yesterday is just monday and now it's already friday. time really flies. like flash weih. lols.
i started off the day off with jogging with jack early in the morning. i gave up easily after 3 rounds around my housing area. i'm a fat boy. gahhh. then off we went for bk lessons. was dozing off when pn julie was teaching.
i took this disgusting shot of my leg during tuition. it's not infected with any disease. it's just that. you know when you sit on the chair for a long time and somehow the blood and the skin i don't know? then tadaaaa! you get something like this. heh. after bk, went to dentist to do some stuff on my tooth. as i was heading home, saw this light shop. i met you sandy(peitsen) yesterday! haha and i thought bout you when i saw this. :p you're in england not though. booohooo, you're supposed to put me in your luggage bag.
after dentist, went for physics tuition at edusmart and i sat waaaaaaay at the back with nick.
we got bored so we drew the table. i know this is a tad bit gay but nick was the one who added the ICK after my name. :p
okaaaay, see next post for after physics tuition. :D
*cheers. (:

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