Friday, May 23, 2008

blogger is not being nice with me.

okay i've been trying to upload pictures for the past two days. and nooo non of the pictures are uploading. i've no idea if it's my internet that's slow or just this stupid blogger. hmm.

it was one awesome night. just spending time with the other dudes, yujie, jiaeu, dinesh, kevin, jack,my bro and of course mini andrew in andrew's crib. most of them stayed up all night watching. my bro and i fell asleep though cos the match was a tad bit boring. didn't have much action, quite dissapointing. i said i was wearing an arsenal shirt in the previous post right? haha nope i didn't manage to get an arsenal shirt. ): boohooo instead i wore a man.u shirt with ANDREW at the back of the jersey. pics will be up soon. *coughsronalsdosuckscoughcoughcoughCHOKES!* he freaking missed a penalty for goodness sake. ahh well, player of the year eh?
after the match we decided to do some morning exercise by playing football, yeeeaaaah early in the morning playing football making so much noise outside. bathed, brushed our teeth, put on our deos and we headed for school. SCHOOL I TELL YOU ONE MORE TIME. all of us went to school except for andrew the lazy pig. i bet all the other dudes were sleeping in class the whole day. i went to the hall for rehearsels on teacher's day. it was a darn tiring day.
came back home and slept till 7.30pm and i thought it was friday already. i asked my bro twice some more. :p it was funny. heh it was a good tiring day. (:

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