Wednesday, May 28, 2008

happy birthday ms shivani.

this is the only picture i had from the party. ): visit sarahlee's blog for more pictures!
it was wednesday, i had a rather tiring day but it was good. went for add maths after years of not going for that tuition. was super rusty in counting numbers already. went to andrew's so that i can teman sam and shawna for lunch. plans was to go to western food ended up in ming tien thanks to sam. pfft.

AND AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIVANI! went to her house using my bro's gps system on his phone. it's a cool thing. heh. had fun there. am sick now. dentist appointment for one hour now. ahhh. i'm tired. pics will be up soon i guess. :p

*cheers. (:

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