Tuesday, May 20, 2008

my drum pedal broke. ):

okay my drum pedal broke. it can be fixed. but i dont really like it. ): sighs. i hope that someone who's reading this would pity me and buy me a whole new drum set. you know what? i think i might be changing a new drumset soon again. i just got this like less than 2 months ago.. but but.. hmm.. maybe i should just stick to this and upgrade it.
my morning, nothing interesting. supposed to teach teck yan's bro drums but guess what? i waited.. and i waited.. and i waited. why no one? called him and he said teck yan said it's not confirm. watheheck. i'm gonna head over to curve with andrew later probably to go the music shop. and heck yeah i need to do some spending.

my new drum set. premier. it's smaaall and sexaaay!

*cheers. (:

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