Monday, June 2, 2008

Holy Spirit weekend away at peacehaven.

me, "kids, listen to me okay? :p and no one is to be quiet, everyone must talk. "
nise and eve.

floorball! where's the ball?
philip and ivan. (:
ready, set, HIT!
zhiwei, san, stephy and me. love 'em. (:

hahaha. nise says,"cheer loudly, i wanna take a picture." four of us goes into cheer posing position. lols.
us. (:
stephy. heh.
sara leong's group name. okaaaay.

it was a 2 days 1 night trip down to peacehaven at genting. like ben says," everything is overrated here in genting." it is quite true, the weather, the food, the PRICE of everything etc etc. that's not the point actually. haha.

i had lots of fun especially at night. staying up till 3am looking at stars. it was awesome time. i really had alot of fun learning and just spending time with my friends. i so appreciate them more after this trip. i thank God for everything that is happening in my life now.
*cheers. (:

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